My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 68

Leo detected something inside of the forest

“Oh, we will surely make much better progress in the search with this.”
“Indeed. While we do have light magic, it does not illuminate very far.”
“Yes, there are always places that are too dark to see.”

Sebastian and the others were very impressed that they could now see the forest clearly without any light.
However, Ms. Claire seemed a little strange.
…Had she noticed it then?

“Mr. Takumi. I don’t know if something has come over me, but…I feel as if I can now sense the presence and hear the voices of the forest creatures…”
“Ms. Claire, it’s not your imagination. That is the effect of the second herb.”

After they had eaten the herbs that revived their energy, I had given them two different herbs together.
One was the herb that allowed them to see in the dark with only a little light, which Sebastian and the others were so impressed with.
And the second was a herb that enhanced your ability to detect presences and sounds that were around you.
With this, we should be able to detect any fenrirs if they were close by.

“Here…have some too, Leo.”
“It tastes bad…? Sorry about that.”

I called over Leo, who had been running around wildly, and fed her some of the herbs.
However, the taste had not been to Leo’s liking.
She lowered her head with a disgusted expression, but ate the rest anyway.
Good girl, Leo.
As Leo ate, I looked to see how the others were doing.

“This…I can see my surroundings without light. On top of that, I can even detect creatures and sounds that are far away and blocked by the trees…”
“Nicholas…in that direction…it is probably an orc. So this is what it’s like to have your senses sharpened.”
“Indeed. I can even hear their breathing. It is as if I can see them.”
“This really is the perfect herb for exploring a forest. …With these sharpened senses, I think that we might just discover something today!”

They were all feeling the potency of the herbs.
Sebastian was impressed by the effects, Phillip and Nicholas were comparing what they sensed and confirming that they were correct.
The tired expression Ms. Claire had a moment ago was completely gone, and she looked quite elated and immediately started to search for some clue concerning the fenrirs and Silver Fenrirs.


Oh, Leo had finished eating her herbs.
The reason I had Ms. Claire and the others eat it, was to make it easier to navigate through the forest.
But Leo’s senses were already incredibly sharp.
She had even detected the orcs much earlier than Phillip and the guards.
And I thought that if those senses were sharpened even farther, then she might be able to find something.

“Leo… Anything different?”

Her expression looked sharper than before as she moved her head to scan the area. However, it seemed that there was nothing here.

“Well, tell me if you do see something.”

Leo nodded in reply.

“Now, Sebastian and Ms. Claire. Apparently, there is nothing here. And since we have rested enough, perhaps it is time to continue the search.”
“Indeed. I feel a lot better now, thanks to you, Mr. Takumi. And so we should be able to explore much farther than usual.”
“The ability of Weed Cultivation is amazing. I was surprised when you made the Loe, but I hadn’t realized that it could also be used in this way.”
“Hahaha. It was because I was able to borrow the back garden and do some studying. And this is the result.”
“Weed Cultivation… I’m sure there are even more ways to use it.”

Because it had ‘weed’ in the name, people were bound to think that it was a useless ability that just created unwanted plants. But with a little thought, there was so much that you could do.
Once we returned to the mansion, I would use the garden again and study it more thoroughly.
And so we went deeper and deeper into the forest.
On the way, we encountered some of the usual orcs, but this time Phillip and Nicholas defeated them.
According to them, their senses had been so sharpened that they were able to predict how the orcs would move. And so dodging their spears and cutting them down with swords had become much easier.
Next to me, Leo looked like she really wanted to hunt orcs as well, but I had her sit this one out.
Because the others wanted to test out their newly sharpened senses.
After that, we continued to walk deeper into the forest.
However, even with these sharpened senses, and being rejuvenated, even though we were able to travel for long distances, we were still not able to find anything.
As the sun was starting to set, it was nearly time to return to the camp.
Because we could not camp in a place that was so densely packed with trees that they completely blocked the light above and the surrounding view.
Besides, Ms. Lyra and Johanna were still at the camp site, and we had already decided to return to the mansion tomorrow.
With Weed Cultivation, we could probably keep exploring without getting tired, but at this point, it felt like we had already spent too much time here.
Tilura was also waiting for our return.

“…There really is nothing…”

Ms. Claire muttered in a disheartened voice.

“The sun will be setting soon…it cannot be helped. We must…”

Everyone knew what Sebastian was going to say.
However, at that same moment, Leo interrupted Sebastian and barked!

“Gau! Gau-gau!”

She turned to the left from the direction we were headed in and barked.
And the way she barked was clearly different from when she detected that there were orcs.

“…What is it, Leo!? Did you find something?”

Leo turned around and answered me.
This… Monsters were fighting each other?

“Sebastian. Up ahead…where Leo is looking…she says that there are monsters fighting.”
“Monsters… Are they orcs? But I don’t think that orcs would fight each other…”
“Wou! Wou! …Gau!”

Not orcs?
Then what kind of monster is up ahead?

“Wuff-wuff…gau gau!”

Leo raised her front paw as if performing a military salute. And then she shook her head and pointed her paw at Ms. Claire.
Umm… Leo is a Silver Fenrir.
But then she shook her head to say it wasn’t that.
And then she pointed, meaning it was related to Ms. Claire…!
Not Silver Fenrirs, but were similar to Leo, and related to Ms. Claire. That must be it.

“Ms. Claire!”
“She says that she’s found…fenrirs.”7

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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