Shinmai Boukensha – 20

Day 20: Let’s go shopping

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 3rd day.
Weather: Cloudy after rain

There was heavy rain in the morning…I could hardly believe yesterday’s weather.
In any case, I’ll go to the guild to sell the materials after I eat breakfast.
And then I’ll also have to buy new clothes to replace the ones that the soldier ant ruined. Though, I do have spare clothes.
…There are more things to do than I thought. I should hurry up and eat so that I can go.
Hmm… Yes, the food here really is questionable.

So, I arrived at the Adventurers Guild. Just as it always was on rainy days, the bar is very crowded.
Ah, Ms. Marga is having a drinking match… She really likes doing that, doesn’t she?
As I didn’t want to attract any attention, I should hurry up and finish what I came here to do.

I handed over all the materials to the young man at the desk and he calculated the prices.
It was not terrible… Ah, but I didn’t sell the soldier ant’s carapace and mandibles, okay!?
I don’t know when I will get such things again, and it seemed that it would be best to use them myself.
Now, it was off to a clothes shop. If I stayed any longer, Ms. Marga might catch me.

I went around to several stores…but they were all so expensive!?
A poor person like me really can’t afford new clothes after all.
As I had no choice, I decided to search for a used clothes store.
…One should not underestimate used clothes stores. In fact, it’s said that you might find something surprisingly rare.

After walking around in the rain, I finally found a used clothes store in a back alley.
It’s strange how hard it is to find something when you start looking for it.
Now, as for what they had…none of it looked very promising. However, as they would be hidden under my armor anyway, the design was not very important.
So I decided to get three long-sleeve shirts and two thick pairs of trousers for now. I bought all that, and it was less than half the price of buying new clothes.

It finally stopped raining at midday.
I was glad, as it meant my belongings wouldn’t get wet.
I was also starting to get hungry, but I will have to wait a little longer. There is still something else that I need.

The last place I visited was a pharmacy.
Here, I would buy medicinal herbs that are a bug repellent.
I would use them to fumigate the clothes that I bought. I didn’t know what they had been through, but I must clean them properly.
Well, they would get so filthy while out questing that such concerns might seem silly, but I just felt like doing it.

Phew. I bought a lot more than I expected. Shopping really is quite fun.
Though, there were a lot of other things that I wanted.
…But I didn’t have nearly enough money. And so I must do my best and work hard.
In fact, I should not have rested today. I must work every day of the year without rest!! From tomorrow!!

Now, today’s inn was a place that I found while out shopping. It seemed quite old.
Or should I say, long-established? Something like that. Still, the room was quite clean and the food was to my liking.
Yes. Perhaps I could make it my base in this town.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +30(Scrap mana crystals x2)
+60(Mana crystal(small x1))
-60(Used clothes)
-2(Bug repellent herbs)
-13(Inn)(Bed: A, Food: A)
Balance: 99 bronze

ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ The dungeon ants pay well♪ I’m going to hunt them again tomorrow!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Smart move, those should make good armour pieces and possibly knives or a shortsword, depending on how long the mandibles are and if they can be forged together — though I suspect they could be something unexpected like bracers.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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