Shinmai Boukensha – 44

Day 44: Ms. Noa’s Affliction
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 27th day.
Weather: Cloudy

This food was nostalgic. We really were back now. In the town of Ruffa.
As I enjoyed the simple joy of eating breakfast at an inn, Ms. Noa asked me what my future plans were.
Indeed… Today, I would like to see the old man at the armor shop.
…I needed to have my equipment repaired.

As always, the old man was tending to the store.
But he looked a little surprised when he noticed us.
It’s been a while. I said, and then went straight to the problem.

I took out the broken breastplate, short sword, and dagger. But he looked at them with a serious expression and groaned…
What? Is it because they can’t be repaired!?
But it was not the case. However, he did ask for a detailed account of how it had happened… Yo-your eyes look scary, old man!!
I explained hesitantly under his glare, and then I took out the Ant Killer materials that I hadn’t sold from my rabbit bag.
The old man took it and became silent…
I became anxious and turned to look at Ms. Noa. But she was staring at me with a stunned expression… Wh-what!?
How are you alive after experiencing that? She asked with a serious expression… Huh? That’s what I want to know.

After some time, the old man finally agreed to take on the task of repairing my equipment.
Not only that, but he would use the Ant Killer materials to strengthen them!!
Ah, but…how much would it cost…?
It turned out to be rather cheap. Wh-why is it so cheap!?
As I reacted with surprise, he told me that I would become great one day and could pay him back… Ah, huh…
I’m not sure that was a good explanation, but he seemed so pleased that I decided to accept his offer. By the way, they would take a few days to complete.

Yes, yes. I wanted Ms. Noa to have her equipment repaired as well, but she refused.
Apparently, she had so much stuff messily stored in another dimension.
Now that I think about it, she had taken out assassin weapons and hammers before… What else was she hiding in there?

As the business was finished faster than expected, we decided to go to the guild and look for work.
I could still do some lighter quests.
But as the two of us looked through the quest board, the receptionist approached us.
Her expression seemed really apologetic… I have a very bad feeling about this!!

And I was right. In short, she had brought us a designated request.
It was a special quest where you could specify an Adventurer, party or community.
You could refuse, but it would start to affect your reputation later on, so it was normal for people to accept them.

As for its contents…King Nameku hunting…the number… What? Forty!? Can negotiate for more…
Hey, don’t try to run away, Ms. Noa.
This was for the both of us… Not to mention, the request was from the Guild Master… So now there was no question of refusing it… There is no such thing as mercy! God is dead!!

When we returned to the inn, I had to listen to Ms. Noa talk with sorrow and resentment for hours…
…Once this job is over, we will go out and eat something delicious. Won’t we?

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze : -28(Inn x2. Bed: A, Food: A)

Silver: -4(Equipment repair)
Balance: 8 silver, 9 bronze

o(T□T)o”ヽ(・ω・; ) Don’t cry! Ms. Noa. You can do it!!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Well looks like she’s finally starting to get famous if the guild master specifically requested her for a job. Though she probably doesn’t appreciate that it’s because of all the Namekus she killed.

  2. Good job, Guild Master! A legend’s tale must be bolstered and pervey! Long live the Nameku Hunter! HUZZAH!!

    Thanks for the chapter!

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