Shinmai Boukensha – 45

Day 45: A Great Discovery!!
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 28th day.
Weather: Rain

…As soon as we are given the quest, it rains… Is this a curse?
While we are getting close to the rainy season, the timing is so…
And so it was with a feeling of slight depression that I headed towards Ms. Noa’s room.

I arrived at her door and knocked, but there was no answer. It was even locked.
Ah, could it be that she has suddenly become ill!? Oh, no!! I better go and borrow the key!!
It was just as I was about to rush away frantically. A single sheet of paper slid out from under the door.
What is this… I had a bad feeling about it.

On the paper were the simple words, ‘Canceled due to rain.’ What!? What is this person saying!?
I was so stunned that I started banging on the door… Come out! Right now!! Hurry!!
And then another slip of paper came through the crack… ‘Please do my share of the work!’ …Is she serious!?
However, there was no response after that, no matter how much I called her. In the end, the innkeeper said that I was disturbing the other guests…
…Hmph. I had to give up on Ms. Noa then.

And so I walked alone, pulling the wagon through the rainy forest… As always, it’s heavy, even when empty.
Ah, as I’m not sure if I’ll be able to return to town today, I paid for Ms. Noa’s room for the next few days.
I also left some coins, which the innkeeper should give to her later.
…Ah… I really wanted us to get through this together… You idiot…

I had many thoughts in my head as I continued. And then I finally reached the first destination… This…
This was the same place that was close to the river, but the clusters of momija grass were gone completely.
It’s no wonder the guild is frantic… However, if the other places were like this, then the situation was bad indeed.
I have to hurry and check the wetlands up ahead…
There had been clusters over a much wider area over there… I hope it’s okay…

This is the worst. There had been so much momija grass growing here, but now there wasn’t even a fifth of it left.
Not only that, but there were six King Namekus here, eating what remained.
…I had to exterminate them quickly.

The fighting finished in just a few minutes.
I hated how efficient and fast I was becoming when it came to killing them.
Now, I had to put them on the wagon and move to the next location.

After that, I traveled to other places where the momija grass grew, and hunted ten King Namekus in all.
However, as I was much too far from the town, I would have to camp out in the forest… I knew this would happen.
I pitched the tent and prepared a…oh, Ms. Noa has the cooking tools…

And so I chewed on dried meat as I stared at the bonfire. And then a certain thought came to me.
…What if I tried cooking this portable ration??
I felt like I wouldn’t eat it anyway, so it was worth testing… And so I skewered it with a branch and held it over the fire.

A few minutes later, it was nicely browned on the surface.
Alright…here goes!! …!?

What? It’s delicious!? The outside is crispy and the inside is so soft. It no longer tastes like disgusting dough!! And the mild sweetness is now more refined!! What a great discovery!!

…I wish that Ms. Noa was here to eat it with me.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze : -56(Inn x4. Bed: A, Food: A)
-2(Wagon rental)

Silver: -1(Ms. Noa living expenses)
Balance: 6 silver, 51 bronze

(King Nameku slain: 10/40)

(ノ_-;) Ha… 30 more… It’s so far away…

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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