Realist Demon King – 191

Idle Talk: Mayonnaise Fried Chicken

Saint Jeanne d’Arc of Ashtaroth Castle was a girl who could often seem a little foolish.

She was not stupid, but a bit airheaded, and that sometimes led to foolish actions.

For instance, one day, when she secretly went out into town in order to go shopping, she did the following thing.

Jeanne headed to the butcher in the market, as she wanted to cook a meat dish for Ashta.

However, this butcher was owned by someone who came from a foreign land, and they could not speak the same language.

Because most of his customers were also foreigners.

Normally, you would just go to a different store, but because Jeanne was not very thoughtful, the idea did not occur to her. And so she decided to use gestures to buy the meat.

First, as she wanted to make a beef tongue stew, she stuck out her own tongue.

Understanding what she meant, the owner offered her some high-quality beef tongue.

And so that night, she was able to serve some delicious tongue stew to Ashta.

The following week, Jeanne went out to buy chicken breast so that she could make a chicken sauté.

After she had blushed a little, Jeanne pointed at her own chest.

However, this time, the butcher did not understand.

As she had no choice now, she opened her shirt a little wider and pointed, then she began to cluck like a chicken.

The butcher looked at her chest with a grin and then handed her the chicken breast.

That night, Ashta enjoyed a delicious chicken sauté.

And then the week after that, Jeanne went out into the market in order to make some fried chicken for Ashta.

This time, the butcher was already smiling when she appeared.

In order to purchase some chicken thigh, she lifted the hem of her skirt a little.

Was it to show her own thighs? No, it was to do a curtsy.

‘Good day,’ she said, and then I, Demon King Ashtaroth, translated for her.

I said, ‘We would like some chicken thighs. Give us the best that you have here.’


The butcher was very surprised.

And so he missed seeing the thighs of a Saint.

Still, I later told Jeanne that she should have just bought from a seller that she could communicate with, but she replied with a smile.

“But they have the best meat in the world. And I only want to serve you the best chicken thighs.”

It was the smile of a Saint.

And so Jeanne accepted the chicken thighs from the butcher, and took it home to the castle. And she was able to serve some juicy, sizzling fried chicken to her beloved Demon King.

Additionally, she was the kind of person to drench her fried chicken with lemon.

Without the permission of the others at the table.

Not only that, but in spite of saying that she had made it for them, she would eat more than half herself.

Really, she was quite impossible, this Saint. But there was something charming about how hard she worked while cooking them.

Now, there is a little more to this story. Eve seemed to be a little displeased when she saw me enjoying the fried chicken, and the next day, she made me some of her own. Not only that, but it was apparently the same type of meat from the same store.

It was clear that she felt a rivalry, but in her case, she did not need a translator.

However, she had the problem of drowning her fried chicken with mayonnaise.

She was the purest of mayonnaise enthusiasts.

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