Shinmai Boukensha – 36

Day 36: Party Mission
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 19th day.
Weather: Sunny with a chance clouds

When I woke up in the morning, the maid was in front of my room…
Won’t she hurry up and leave…

And so the two of us looked for work together once again.
As I stood in front of the quest board and wondered what to do, the receptionist called out to me.

If you’re going to take that maid with you, why don’t you have her register as an Adventurer and then you can accept party quests? He said.
Ohhh! That’s right! I might as well make use of her while I can!! So she can at least pay for her room!!

And so she immediately tried to register, which revealed something surprising! The maid was actually a former Adventurer… I knew there was something about her that wasn’t normal.
And if you are a former Adventurer, your rank is lowered by one level, but you only need to pay half of the fee to re-register.
The maid gave her consent, and so I asked them to proceed.
We then left the reception desk and went back to the quest board.

After a moment, the guild suddenly became very loud.
All the guild workers had gathered together at the front desk.
Once the maid noticed that I was looking, she looked at me with an odd, forced smile.
…Did you do something!?
An hour later, the re-registration was finally completed.
The receptionists all looked exhausted. Really, what did she do?

While waiting, we had decided on a quest. Investigating a troll lair.
Trolls were a type of giant with large noses and ears. They were about five to six times taller than a grown man.
They were categorized as monsters and were very dangerous.
However, this was not a hunting quest. Our goal would be to take back all of the treasure that it had stolen.
That was dangerous enough, but trolls also had a unique characteristic, where they turned into stone when the sun came up.
And so today, we would just locate the lair, and in the morning, we would sneak inside.

They tended to live in mountains, forests, and rocky areas.
That wasn’t much to go off of, and so they could be difficult to find. But they were also known to dislike the sounds of church bells, and so we would use that to help us.
In other words, we just needed to find a mountain, forest, or rocky area that was far from a church.
And once you combined that with information about sightings, it was rather easy to narrow things down.
There was a very promising rocky area to the southeast of the town.
Once we made preparations, it was time to go! Ah, as we would have a lot of baggage to carry on the return trip, we will borrow a wagon!

We finally arrived at the rocky area just as the sun started to set… Even when empty, the wagon was really heavy.
…As for the sound of bells… Yes, I couldn’t hear anything.
We would camp out here for the night. We had our own roles. I pitched the tent and the maid cooked.
That was one advantage to being in a party!
Once I was finished pitching the tent, I stuck four rods into the ground around the campsite. And then I hung some mistletoe on them. I had read in a book that this would help keep trolls away.

Ah, is dinner ready? Thank you.
…What? In spite of it being made with the same ingredients, this dried meat soup…is very delicious.
The meat is soft and falls apart in your mouth. And the scent of the spices is so appetizing.
This maid isn’t so bad after all!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: -50(Re-registration: Maid)
-16(Dinner ingredients x2)
-2(Wagon rental)
Balance: 2 silver, 89 bronze

(゚-゚;)Hmm… Why does it taste so different… How frustrating.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. The maid is gonna turn out to have been a super high rank adventurer previously isn’t she? Like S rank so even with her rank being lowered by one after re-registering she’d still be A rank.

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