Shinmai Boukensha – 22

Day 22: Into the Dungeon!
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 5th day.
Weather: Cloudy

Last night’s inn was wonderful. It was certainly worth the price.
However, the inn we had stayed at with Ms. Marga was in a different realm… I wonder how much it cost? I was quite curious.

Now, it was finally time to explore the dungeon!
While the weather was not ideal, I will do my best!!

When I went to the meeting point, Ms. El was already waiting there.
As for Ms. Marga… It was just when I was wondering about this that someone bonked me on the head from behind. Who is it?

I turned around, and it was her. But her equipment was a little different from usual.
Today, she was wearing lustrous black armor that did not expose much skin. …She looked like an ant!!
When I asked her about it, she said that the armor was made from dungeon ant materials. With it, you can stop the acid that the soldier ants spit out.

Now that all the members were here, it was time to go!! Or so I thought. But then Ms. Marga handed me some stitched up cloth.
…What was it?
As I looked at it suspiciously, she told me to use it to cover my mouth and nose. Ahh! It’s for the smell!!
I tied it tightly in the back of my neck so that it wouldn’t fall off.
Now, it was time to plunge into the dungeon for real!!

Inside, the dungeon was strangely damp, and the air around us was lukewarm.
And of course, the smell was harsh… If it was this bad even when we were prepared…
I had prepared a torch, since I assumed it would be dark inside, but for some reason, the walls were glowing slightly, so it was unnecessary.
The reason for the light was the light mushrooms, which were grown and eaten by the dungeon ants. Ms. El explained this to me. …So the ants could be farmers, huh.

Like that, the three of us cautiously made our way through the dungeon.
Ms. El took the lead, I was in the center, and Ms. Marga was in the back.
Our destination was fifteen layers below where we were. This was the point where the soldier ants would start appearing. …That was very far.
However, others had already explored the first sixty layers of this dungeon, and since we had a map, there was no fear of getting lost. So I suppose it would be rather easy.
If it was an uncharted dungeon, then we would have to map it from the beginning, which would be very troublesome.

As Ms. Marga explained such things to me, Ms. El suddenly stopped in her tracks.
I looked to where she was pointing, and saw that there were eight ants. As they were gray, they must be worker ants.
So, what should we do? I gave Ms. Marga a questioning look, and she nodded. We were about to fight!!

However, the fight ended so quickly.
It was just that, Ms. El’s movements are ridiculous!! What? How is it that she only swung her sword once, but the ant’s head split into more than four pieces as they flew away!? And with two swings, they were all dead!!
…I didn’t even have enough time to unsheath my sword… When I turned around, Ms. Marga was trying to hold back her laughter.
Grrr… I will do better next time!!

Like this, we continued to fight our way towards the fifteenth layer.
Huh? But we’ve been down here for quite a while now. What are we going to do at night?
What? We might have to camp in the dungeon!? Are you serious, Ms. Marga!?
!? Why are you looking away!! Ms. El!!!
…This can’t be happening!!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Exploring dungeon)
Balance: 49 bronze

。・゚゚ ‘゜(*/□\*) ‘゜゚゚・。 It’s not true, is it!? We’re not going to stay here tonight! Not in a place like this!!

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