My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 31

We Returned to the Mansion

“Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. We’ve arrived.”

Sebastian said as the carriage passed through the gate to the mansion.
It continued a little farther and then stopped in front of the entrance.

“This is so much later than planned.”
“Yes. I hope that Tilura hasn’t grown tired of waiting…”

The sun had fallen completely, and it was now night time.
I glanced at the pocket watch that I had bought, and it showed that it was 10 o’clock.
…Which I suppose would be 8 or 9 o’clock in Japan.

“Welcome back, Lady Claire and Mr. Takumi.”
“Yes, thank you.”
“…Thank you for greeting us. We’re finally back.”

When we entered the mansion, the entrance hall was filled with the same number of servants as had been there when I arrived yesterday.
I had felt the same when leaving, but it was a little embarrassing to have so many people see you off.
Up until recently, there had been no one to see me off or welcome me back, except for Leo.

“Lady Claire. Preparations for dinner have been completed.”
“Very good. Well, Mr. Takumi, let’s eat in the dining hall once you have dropped off your belongings.”
“Yes. …Ah, where is the dining hall?”

Apparently, that’s where they were going to eat.
Previously, we had been eating in the guest room, and so I had not gone to the dining hall yet.

“Then I will show you the way. But we must take your belongings first, Mr. Takumi.”

Lyra stepped forward and took half of my baggage.
While she was a servant, my pride would not allow a woman to carry all of it, and so I carried half of them myself.

“I’ll leave it to you, Lyra.”
“Yes, Lady Claire.”

Lyra bowed to Lady Claire while holding the things, and then she walked with me towards the room that I was staying in.


I let out a sigh once we had arrived and I put my things down on the floor.
I was still not accustomed to this world, and we had gone to a town for the first time… It seemed that I was more tired than I had thought.
That being said, this was still nothing compared to how things were in my world, where I might have to work for over a month without rest…
Lyra also put everything onto the floor. I decided to organize later and head to the dining hall, when I stopped.
First, I had to praise Leo.

“Leo, come here.”
“You were so good for letting the townspeople pet you like that. Because of that, they’ll now understand that you’re not to be feared.”
“Wuff! Wuff!”

Leo came to me and put her face close to mine, and so I petted her thoroughly and praised her.
It was important to praise her when she did something good.

“Also, you really helped us when those strange people attacked us. Thank you.”

Judging from her manner, I had a feeling that Leo was saying, ‘they were easy!’
Indeed, it probably was easy for Leo. If anything, I almost felt sorry for the men.
This time, Leo had only destroyed one sword, but if she had gone at them seriously, she would have easily torn through them with her claws.
But monsters were one thing. I hoped she wouldn’t have to fight people if possible.

“Wuff. Wuff.”
“Hahaha. Thanks to you, I have nothing to worry about, even when in an unfamiliar place.”

Leo rubbed her face against mine playfully as I thanked her.
Really. While I had been thinking about the Gift and magic energy a lot today, I felt confident and not lonely as long as Leo was with me.
I was so thankful for her.

“…Mr. Takumi. We should be going…”
“Ah, right. …Sorry.”
“…Not at all.”

As I continued to sit there and pet Leo, Ms. Lyra called to me.
…I had become too relieved after returning to my room, and forgot that she was there…
I felt a little embarrassed that she had been watching us this whole time.
I could feel that my face had grown a little hot as Leo and I followed after Lyra towards the dining hall.
Lyra…would occasionally glance towards Leo, and her fingers would twitch… Could it be that she wanted to pet Leo?
Now that I thought about it, from the very beginning, she had not been afraid of Leo and said that she found her cute.
If we had time later, I would let her pet Leo.
Besides, Leo seemed to have taken to Lyra and the other servants, as they were the ones to bring out the milk and sausages.

We entered the dining hall, which was a large room with a long table.
I think that about twenty people could sit at it?
Ms. Claire sat at the head of the table.
And Tilura sat down next to her.
As always, Sebastian stood waiting right behind them.
Now that I think about it, when did the servants eat…?

“Mr. Takumi.”
“Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms. Claire. And sorry for being so late, Tilura.”
“Welcome back Mr. Takumi! And you too Leo!”

Tilura’s eyes shone as she looked at me…well, Leo.
She really had become attached to her.
Even now, she was about to jump out of her seat and pounce on Leo. And it was only because Ms. Claire had grabbed the hem of her dress that she didn’t do just that.
Now, I should take a seat… But where was I supposed to sit…?

“Uhh…where should I sit?”

I didn’t want to be known as someone who had ill manners. But making a mistake would be even more embarrassing.
It was momentarily embarrassing to ask, but eternally embarrassing to not ask.

“Please sit over here.”
“Thank you.”

Seeing the table from the entrance, Ms. Claire and Tilura were sitting to the far right.
Lyra guided me to the far left seat.
There was no chair next to me, so Leo would have room to sit at the table.
Internally, I thanked the servants for their consideration.

“Normally, it would be proper for you to sit next to Tilura. But we don’t want to be so formal now, and so I had you sit on the opposite side of us. It will be easier to talk if we can see each other’s faces.”
“Hahaha, that is true. I’m glad, as I don’t know a lot about such manners. I would very much appreciate it if you told me when I do something wrong.”
“Yes, you can count on it.”
“I will tell you too!”
“In your case, Tilura, you will have to actually learn some manners first.”
“…I will try.”
“Wou! Wou!”
“Hahaha. Tilura, I’ll do my best to learn with you. And look, Leo is cheering you on.”
“Yes! I will do my best!”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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