Makai Hongi – 247

Chapter 247

“I already proved my worth earlier, but do you need more? I can make an example of you as well?”

I considered the possibility that Mouga had not caught on to what I wanted, and so I became a little more direct.

Mouga laughed wryly.
Good, he did understand.

“You’ve done enough to show your worth. And our men are not disposable. It would be rather inconvenient to have too many of these duels.”

Consider the scenario where they did send someone equal or superior to Barzas.
It would be difficult to take me down without getting hurt. That was no easy sacrifice.

At worst, we might both die.
And as Kyuka’s attendant, he could not allow that to happen.

In the Demon World, there was no point in just making a lot of smaller armies.
It was normal to have three to four Generals.

You could have five at the most. Any more and each individual would be weakened and the fighting force spread too thin.

I thought about how many people who were equal to Barzas remained in the main camp.
Currently, General Farneze’s army would be fighting with Kyuka’s.

Considering how rapidly his fighting force had grown, it was possible that there was one General and one Adjutant here.

“So, how long are you going to make me wait here?”
I wanted him to hurry up and take me to Kyuka.

“About that, we happen to have another visitor.”
“…A visitor on the battlefield? A merchant, perhaps?”
Now that was unusual.

“No, it seems like he’s going to make a request to increase his fighting force.”
He said slowly.

So, Mouga was against it?
Still, what kind of fighting force were we talking about?

Could it be similar to the agreement that General Farneze made with General Miralda?

“Did the strongest fall in the succession of battles?”
“Something like that.”

Lesser Demon Kings were fighting against each other, and so there was no way to win without getting hurt.
And so both sides fought desperately on the battlefield in order to decrease the number of enemy Generals.

Kill and be killed… And the longer they battled, the more tired they would become.
As I expected, the situation in the camp was quite severe.

Perhaps it was one of the reasons they had not attacked for so long.

However, now they had a visitor.
If I took too long, there was a possibility that they would discover the General and her men, as they were surely hiding somewhere close by.

I would have to hurry things along.
“…So, when am I going to be allowed to join?”

That was the most important issue. Whether or not I could meet Kyuka.
I even wondered if I should just force my way in and search for him.

However, there were still two defensive walls to get past, and that would be too reckless.
Unless Mouga was the one to take me, I would likely be surrounded before I ever found Kyuka.

“…I want to ask you something first.”
“Ask anything you want.”
And hurry up and take me to him.

“What do you wish to gain by joining our army?”
It was a straightforward question. And the one that you would be the most curious about.

“I suppose…I want to be treated in a way that befits my ability?”

“If someone of equal strength insults me, I can fight them. And if I feel like my superior officer is weaker than me, I can challenge them to Gekokujyo… This is all standard stuff, isn’t it?”

“…Well, yes.”
He did not look amused.

“And yet General Farneze seemed to disagree.”
In truth, I wouldn’t rebel against a superior as long as I wasn’t treated like a disposable pawn. But I couldn’t say that here.

“Ah… And so what would you say if I said you should be my subordinate?”
Mouga would surely want to treat me as a subordinate. But if I was, I would not be able to meet Kyuka.

“You said that you’re an attendant?”

They were treated similarly to Generals.
He and a few others were likely controlling Kyuka’s army.

“I could work under you…or we could fight and determine who is the strongest.”
I laughed in order to provoke him.

If I did have to fight Mouga, it would be incredibly dangerous.
However, I could not just accept the offer to be his subordinate either.

I had to show that I was superior to Mouga, or they would never let me meet Kyuka.
In other words, his answer now was the real crucial moment in this whole plan.

“…Very well. I will allow you to meet the Demon King. I don’t know how you will be treated from that point, but if you don’t like it, then we can talk again.”
Apparently, my bluff had paid off.

Things moved quickly after that.
Mouga called one of his subordinates and a meeting with Kyuka was arranged.

(As for my mana level…it hasn’t recovered at all.)

That was disappointing, but there was nothing that I could do.
There was no guarantee that I could fight in peak condition every time.

Mouga’s servant returned.
Apparently, I could meet Kyuka now.

“What about the visitor?”
“They are together.”

“I see… Well, it should be fine.”
While I was curious about this visitor, it would not change the plan.

I would meet Kyuka, and we would fight.
And since no one would be allowed to intervene, they would be forced to watch.

If Kyuka and I fought, it would cause mass damage to the surrounding area.
The General would see it from her position and would come.

And as I fight, I would start moving away.
Of course, Kyuka would follow.

The larger the area that we fight, the better the chance of moving outside of the main camp.
In the meantime, General Farneze would lead a group of her best Vampires and launch an ambush from the air. And they would wipe out Kyuka’s entourage.

After that, I would charge my legs up with mana and try and move as far away as possible.
Luck would determine whether or not I could actually outrun him. But Kyuka would have a tough decision. Prioritize the duel or save his subordinates.

If our plan succeeds, Kyuka will remain, but his powerful men will be annihilated.
Then they could surround him in great numbers and defeat him.

“Now, let’s get this over with.”
I blurted out.

Mouga turned to me and asked, ‘surely you are not planning on declaring Gekokujyo?’

Well, that was the jist of it.
However, I denied it with a ‘no, no, no. I have no intention of doing that at all.’

“…Here it is.”
I had imagined a small building or tent, but it was apparently outdoors.

However, there were curtains hung up so that you could not see what was happening inside.
I followed Mouga in.

“Ohhh? Why, it’s Golan.”
I heard a voice say.

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