Shinmai Boukensha – 49

Day 49: Bonus Reward and That Thing
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 1st day.
Weather: Cloudy

Today, I went to the Adventurers Guild, like I was supposed to. And then I went to the reception desk before choosing any work.
When I asked the receptionist about it, she said that they could pay the reward immediately…what a relief.
I submitted my guild card and accepted it at once.
…Hmm. It was less than I was expecting… And I had worked so hard…

Upon seeing how disappointed I was, the receptionist explained it to me with an apologetic expression.
It turned out that they really didn’t have much value as materials when they were turned into charcoal, and so they could only give up the minimum reward…
As I sighed, she smiled and added that this was simply too cruel, and so there would also be a special reward… Really!?

As I looked at her in surprise, she returned the guild card to me.
Huh? It wasn’t the same color as usual…
The card had gone from black to a copper-like color, and the white crystal that was embedded inside had been changed to a yellow one.
Thinking this odd, I checked the rank and…

—It was D-Rank now!?

I was stunned. The receptionist explained that this was the special reward.
The Guild Master had determined that I had more than proven myself by completing this quest.
Normally, I would have had to pass a promotion exam… I did it!

D-Rank. Now I can enter dungeons as much as I want! I can make even more money!!
As I thought of such things, the receptionist handed me a letter.
…What was it? The sender was…the Guild Master!?
If you get carried away and start acting recklessly, then I’ll demote you! That was the gist of the rather lengthy letter… Ye-yes.
I felt afraid, even though the Guild Master wasn’t present. And so I thanked the receptionist and went off to the quest board.

Now, are there any D-Rank quests? Ms. Noa and I stared at the quest board together.
…As this was the rank where you were allowed access to dungeon exploration, there were a lot of jobs related to it.
Aside from that, there were a lot of gathering quests that were far away… Oh, this one takes a whole month just to reach it… Who would accept a quest like that?

As we chatted happily and tried to choose one, the sun began to set.
I hadn’t realized that so much time had passed… It was too late to accept anything now.
Well, that happens sometimes!!
And now I had a good idea of what kind of quests there were, so I can do my best tomorrow!!

As Mr. Noa and I talked of our plans for tomorrow and made our way out of the guild, the receptionist called out to us.
And I was then handed familiar sheets of paper…I had forgotten completely.
When I looked, it was the citizens tax…huh? …Did it go up!?
As I looked at the receptionist in surprist, she smiled cheerfully and said that it was because my rank had gone up…
Wait a minute!! Ms. Noa!! Why is yours so high!?
What is your rank!? What do you mean, ‘a lady has her secrets!?’

…In the end, I had to pay it… Were we going to be alright this month…? I am worried.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +60(Designated quest bonus reward)
-28(Inn x2. Bed: A, Food: A)
Silver: +32(Designated quest reward)
+30(Designated quest reward)
-5(Citizens tax)
-15(Citizens tax: Ms. Noa)
Balance: 47 silver, 55 bronze

(´-`) Hmm… No matter how much money I make, it disappears into taxes…

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. “No matter how much money I make, it disappears into taxes…”
    I read this for the comfy adventure, not for the reality check ;_;

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