My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 30

I found out that I had the Gift of Weed Cultivation

“My name is Isabelle. I’m a stingy old woman who runs this magic item shop.”
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Takumi.”
“Takumi…eh? Alright, then put your hand on this crystal ball.”
“All right.”

I moved over to Ms. Isabelle and touched the crystal ball that lay on top of the store counter.
It was about the size of a bowling ball. And while it wasn’t completely transparent, it was decently clear.
And due to Ms. Isabelle’s appearance, I felt like I was seeing a fortune teller.
However, there was something about the crystal that was different from any crystal from my world.
In the center of the sphere, there was a red dot.
I doubted it was something that had got mixed inside as the crystal wasn’t glass. And the red dot seemed to be blinking at even intervals.
Well, it was a magic item.
Once my hand was on it, the red dot began to blink faster. Then it suddenly turned a green color and unleashed a light that illuminated the whole room.

“Hmm… This…”
“How is it, Isabelle?”
“Don’t rush me… Yes, I see…”

Deep in thought, Ms. Isabelle gazed into the crystal ball.
In the meantime, the crystal continued to alternate between red and green as it blinked.
While it wasn’t blindingly bright, the red and green lights felt like they would be bad for your eyes.

“I understand it now, your magic energy, Mr. Takumi.”
“…How is it?”

I asked. And then Ms. Isabelle narrowed her eyebrows and began to talk.

“You have quite a lot of magic energy. Enough that I think you could become a decent sorcerer if you learned how to use it.”
“I see.”

If I had a lot of magic energy, I should be able to use magic.
That meant my childhood dream of fighting with magic could become true.
Not that I wanted to fight.

“Did something happen? Isabelle?”
“…You. You have the Gift.”
“So he has it after all.”
“Did you know, Lady Claire?”
“Not exactly… But there was something that happened that could only be explained if he had it.”
“I see.”
“So, what kind of Gift is it?”

Sebastian asked Isabelle as if he couldn’t wait to find out.
It was like Sebastian was more curious about my Gift than I was.
Of course, I was also looking forward to knowing what my Gift would allow me to do.

“The Gift is called ‘Weed Cultivation’… Well, it seems to be what it sounds like. You have the ability to cultivate weeds.”
“Weed Cultivation…”

Uh… That sounded completely useless to me…
As my expectations had been high, I felt rather shocked.

“And what can this Gift be used for?”
“Small plants, other than vegetables…or any farm plants, really. You can cultivate them wherever you are. That’s what it does.”
“…I see. So then the Ramogi really was…”
“Is there something you witnessed, Lady Claire?”
“Yes. When I first met Mr. Takumi in the forest, we were searching for Ramogi… But we couldn’t find it anywhere. But then, when Mr. Takumi sat down to rest, there just happened to be some Ramogi there by coincidence…”
“…In other words, Lady Claire, you believe it was because of his Weed Cultivation ability?”
“Yes, I do believe that. What do you think, Mr. Takumi?”

At that time, I had been thinking about what Ramogi was while I sat down.
And I remember that Ramogi was growing where I placed my hand.
In other words, it would suggest that my desire for Ramogi had activated the Gift so that it grew.

“…During that time, I was imagining what this elusive Ramogi was. And while I didn’t tell Ms. Claire about it, the Ramogi grew from the ground where I placed my hand.”
“Is that so? Then it’s true. We were able to get the Ramogi because of your gift, Mr. Takumi.”
“It appears to be the case.”
“Takumi. That story matched what I saw. You are able to make plants grow by just thinking about them. …It is a useful ability.”

Was it really…? What if the Ramogi really had just been there by coincidence. And could growing weeds really be useful?

“Oh, and Mr. Takumi also dried the Ramogi once. Is that also part of his Weed Cultivation ability?”
“Ah, yes. It dried after I held it. And so it could be used as medicine immediately.”
“That must be part of the Weed Cultivation ability as well. So you can change plants so that they are in a state where they can be used for medicine.”
“When that happened, I was also thinking about how we could use it immediately if it was only dried.”
“Yes, there is no mistake then.”

In other words, I could make plants other than vegetables grow. And I could change them into a state for immediate use…
Hmm. It sounded sort of useful, but not that useful…
I suppose if I wanted to open up my own medicine shop.

“Thank you, Ms. Isabelle. Now I know what my ability is.”
“All I did was check your magic energy. Listen to me, Takumi… I have one word of advice.”
“What is it?”
“A Gift is a special power. It’s up to you how you use it. And you are the only one who can know its true potential. And so you must think about it carefully before using it.”
“…Yes. I understand.”

‘Weed Cultivation.’ …The name had made me think it was pretty useless at first, but perhaps I was wrong.
Yes, I would think hard about how I could put this ability to use in the future.

“Well, since Mr. Takumi knows about his ability now, it’s time that we take our leave.”
“What? You’re leaving already?”
“Yes. The sun is coming down. We need to hurry and return to the mansion. Lady Tilura will be waiting.”
“I see. But then you must come earlier next time. So we will have plenty of time to talk.”
“Yes, we will do that.”
“Thank you, Isabelle.”
“Ms. Isabelle. Thank you so much.”

We thanked Ms. Isabelle and then left the store.
Perhaps she was lonely, as she had to run the store by herself.
The next time we came to town, I would like to visit her and hear stories about magic tools.
We reunited with Leo and Johanna, who were waiting outside, and then we rushed back down the road in the carriage, so as to not keep Tilura waiting too long.
Phillip had entered the store with us, but aside from looking a little surprised when he heard about my gift, he waited quietly behind us.
He was a hard-working guard.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. “Weed Cultivation” … Takumi-san doesn’t seem like a drug dealer? But he’s thinking about going into the drug business now? I wonder if he’d be satisfied with just being a cultivator, or does he want to enter production, distribution and even street level sales? Takumi-san going to parties, looking around for customers, telling ’em he has just the thing for what ails ya. First one is free!

  2. “Herb Cultivation” would be a better name, I think, since most people think of “weeds” as completely useless.

  3. Well, they certainly didn’t keep us waiting, now did they?
    But, ‘Weed Cultivation’ doesn’t seem all that bad. A lot of medicinal herbs fall under that, and something thorny, persistent and/or resilient could be used to some combative measure.
    There are probably more ways, but I can’t think of any…

    Thanks for the chapter!

      • Planting nettle in big numbers on grain cultivating fields could be also a good harassment method. Or there are some carnivorous plant monsters in that world that can be insta-grown as temporary defense. Not that with a fenrir as a pet is there a need for any.

  4. This is where he needs to learn about absurdly expensive rare plants and begin growing his own fortune.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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