Shinmai Boukensha – 13

Day 13: Escort Mission Day 2

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Moon Rabbit, 26th day.
Weather: Cloudy

…I’m sleepy.
It’s hard to stay up all night, tending to the fire, with only small breaks in between.
Not only that, but it would occasionally rain during the night, which made me feel uneasy the whole time.

And so I had to start the second day of the escort quest after barely getting any sleep.
Both Milly and I were on the verge of dozing off right on top of the wagon…
In fact, Mr. Gants, who was in the front…seemed to be sleeping already? Sometimes his head would just drop down.
But his helmet covered his head completely, so as suspicious as it was, he had not been exposed yet…
That must be nice.
I want one of those… No, no, I can’t think like that. I have to take this seriously. This is a job.

Occasionally, the person from the Merchants Guild who was with us would chuckle and tell us to do our jobs properly if we so much as looked drowsy.
It was rather annoying… Unlike you, I wasn’t able to sleep last night… You could at least let me yawn once.
Still, the wagon in the lead was strangely slow… I wonder what happened?

I found out the answer at the camping ground.
Apparently, there was a problem with the wheels of the wagon… It was surprising that it lasted this long. And could it even be fixed?

Ultimately, it was decided that repairing it was not viable when time and skill was considered.
And so the cargo would be moved to the other wagons, and they would leave the broken one here.
However, there was one problem. Yes, the place to put the cargo…

After discussing the matter, it was decided that we Adventurers would walk. Of course, this would happen…
Ah, Mr. Gants was dumbfounded… Indeed, having to follow the wagon while walking in that heavy armor. It must be like hell.
It looked like he was asking if the horses couldn’t carry some of his armor, but it would surely be no use. The horses were already carrying baggage that didn’t fit into the wagons.

He then turned to us pleadingly, but Milly and I frantically shook our heads. No, no, it was impossible. We can barely carry our own belongings. I couldn’t carry anything else.
As Mr. Gants looked on in despair, Ms. Marga patted him on the shoulder. He must have understood the meaning of this, as his shoulders slumped heavily.
An Adventurer was always responsible for themselves.
However, I would at least take his place tonight and watch over the fire. He should get some rest for tomorrow.

And so I found myself here, once again watching the fire at midnight.
Since it is the second night in a row, I am very sleepy… But maybe it’s also because I ate too much for dinner?
Tonight, Ms. Marga cooked for us.
The soup made of dried meat and vegetables was incredibly delicious. It had the perfect amount of salt in it. Hmm. Just thinking about it makes me hungry all over again.
I suppose I’ll nibble on some of the preserved food that was included in my camping set…

…Hmm. My hopes were not high, as it looked like dough. Yes, this is inedible.
There is something both sweet and mud-like about the taste and texture… Ugh. I’m going to throw up…
Well, it also made me less drowsy, so that’s a good thing.
…Maybe that’s what it was originally for? Surely not.
Now, I just have to persevere for a few more hours.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Nothing at all
Balance: 3 silver, 79 bronze

(=_ヾ) So sleepy. It finally ends tomorrow. I want to sleep in a bed… I hope we arrive safely tomorrow.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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