Shinmai Boukensha – 14

Day 14: End of the Escort Quest

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Moon Rabbit, 27th day.
Weather: Rain

This is the worst… It started raining as soon as the sun rose.
I practically stayed up for two nights in a row, and this was what I got in return… What did we do to deserve this?

The rain mercilessly robs my body of heat, chips away my strength, weighs down my belongings by making them wet, and causes my feet to slip over the ground…
If I stop once, I would probably not be able to continue on.
…Mr. Gants is starting to look shaky… I just hope he doesn’t fall over. Because I don’t have the energy to help him back up.
Ah, stop leaning on me, Ms. Milly! You’re heavy! Heavy!!
And you, Ms. Marga. Why are you the only one who seems to be enjoying this? Is this how you get off?

Given the state of the majority of us…it will all be over if we get attacked by something.

…Why is it that bad feelings always come true?
As if to block the road ahead, seven crude-looking men stood in front of us. They wielded swords and spears…
Judging by their vulgar grins and sneers, they were definitely bandits.
Ms. Marga is brandishing her weapon…ugh…this really is the worst!!

There was a chaotic battle after that.
Obviously, I had no experience fighting humans before!!
And yet before departure, Ms. Marga said that if we encountered any bandits, we absolutely must capture them alive.
This was a grossly reckless order!!
How the hell are we supposed to do that in this situation!? Of course, I will still do my best, alright?!

But, look!! Mr. Gants could barely even swing his own sword!!
What!? Ms. Milly! No! No!! If you swing down at his head like that, that man will die!!
Huh!? Now the Merchants Guild person was brandishing his sword!?
This guy was stubborn as well!! Don’t you know people hate men who are like that!?

I don’t even know what I am saying anymore. I too was swinging my sword without thinking about anything.
…How much time passed like that? Before I knew it, all of the bandits were neatly tied up by Ms. Marga.
…When had she done that?
I, Ms. Milly and Mr. Gants were all lying on our backs on the road, no longer caring about how dirty we were… But it looked like no one was badly injured, so that was good. But I was exhausted.

After that, we rested for about an hour, and then we continued on our journey while pulling the tied up bandits.
Heheh. We were already exhausted, and now we had even more baggage…

By the time we finally reached the town, the sun was already starting to set.
The town guards took the bandits and the Merchants Guild took the cargo, and our mission was finally completed!!
…We could collect our reward tomorrow.

…Currently, I am searching for an inn…but it is so troublesome.
As I thought this, Ms. Marga suggested that the three of us go with her. At a glance, I could see that it was a luxurious inn…it-it was blinding bright.
I was worried about money, but she said she would pay for our room and meals!!
Greatly surprised, I asked her the reason for this. She said that we were celebrating. Celebrating what? It was a mystery.
Regardless, I didn’t care anymore. Ah, the meat was so delicious…it melted in your mouth.

And like this, my very first escort mission came to an end.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Nothing at all
Balance: 3 silver, 79 bronze

||Bedroom||Ю o(▽` o) =3 =3 =3 Ahh… The warm bed is calling to me… ZZZ…

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