My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 7

Ms. Claire Lived in a Luxurious Mansion

“…Ms. Claire, please show us the way.”
“Very well. Hehe. Your Leo is quite cute.”
“Haha. She can sometimes be a little careless, which is adorable.”
“Wou! Wou!”

Perhaps she was bashful or embarrassed. Leo raised her voice in protest, but Ms. Claire and I just watched her and smiled.
After that, under Ms. Claire’s guidance, Leo was able to run through and out of the forest in just ten minutes.
Perhaps if I had just rode Leo and made her run in a straight line, we would have been able to get out easily…
Well, we wouldn’t have been able to help Ms. Claire if we did that, so I wouldn’t think about it now.
In the first place, I could hardly understand how Leo was able to weave through the trees at a speed that rivaled cars on a highway. And so I just decided to not think about things that I couldn’t understand.

“Turn right here. There will be a road up ahead, and you just need to go straight down it.”

As Ms. Claire gave the order, Leo changed directions and kept running.
I hadn’t talked at all this whole time.
Why didn’t I talk?
It wasn’t that I couldn’t talk because Leo was so fast.
The reason was the view that I could see from Leo’s back.
Because of what I started to see after exiting the forest.
Aside from the forest that we were in, there was nothing else as far as the eye could see.
There were some trees in the distance, but it was mostly just a vast plain.
Leo was running on a road that looked like it was made of sand. But did such a place exist in Japan?
These days, even the countryside have proper asphalt roads.
I haven’t seen a road made of sand since I went mountain climbing as a child.

“…What is this place?”

I muttered under my breath so that Leo and Ms. Claire would not hear me.
How could there be nothing at all as far as I could see?
Even the horizon was visible in the distance…
…Am I really not in Japan then…
The stories from light novels that I had been trying to ignore came back again.
If this isn’t a dream, could it be that…that this place is…another world…?
I went to sleep and woke up in another world…who would believe such a thing…
And Leo had come with me as well…
Half a day had passed since I came here, but I showed no signs of waking up.
This might not be a dream…the idea was becoming more stronger.
Uh…so if this is actually real…then according to the light novels, this is…what was it again…another world…transfer…?
So that’s what happened to me?
Then do I have a cheat? Or is that Leo?
Haha. I don’t care what happens anymore.
It was too confusing to think about, and so I stopped.
It’s one of those things. If you think about it, you lose… My coworker used to say that all of the time.

“Good Leo, we’re almost there. Please stop at that house up ahead.”

I stopped thinking as I heard Ms. Claire’s voice came from behind me, and I looked up ahead.
I then saw the building that was our destination.
Ah, there was something about seeing a man-made building that was reassuring to me. Up until now, all I had seen was natural things like trees, rivers and grass.
Still, that building was quite small… Hmm, what? It keeps getting bigger.
The closer we got, the larger the building looked.
So I had only thought it was small because we were still far away…

“…Is that a mansion?”
“It’s a villa. I’m afraid it is not very luxurious.”

Claire corrected me from behind. But it looked more than impressive to me.
Yes, she must really be the daughter of some noble family.
It was no wonder that her curtsy was so pretty.
And this great mansion was just a villa… Some people seemed to have all the money.
Even now, Leo was running towards the building at top speed.
As we got closer, I saw not just the building, but a wall made of reddish brown bricks.
It was quite high for a wall around your house…

“Good Leo, please stop in front of that gate.”

A grand gate came into view.
I saw that there were four people with spears and heavy armor standing in front of the gate…would everything be okay?
When the people saw that Leo was running towards them, they pointed their spears at us.
But Leo didn’t seem to care as she stopped right in front of the gate.
The spear wielders stood in a line as if to guard the entrance.

“Lower your spears. It is just me.”
“…L-Lady Claire! You are safe!”

When Ms. Claire called out to them, one of them raised his voice in surprise.

“Lady Claire…this monster is…”
“An important guest. Please be polite.”
“Yes, my lady!”

The four guards lowered their spears and opened the gate.
I thought we would go through then, but Ms. Claire dismounted from Leo first, and so I followed her lead.
…Still, the ride with Ms. Claire had been a happy one while it lasted…
Hey, Leo. Don’t give me that look.

“Mr. Takumi. Let’s go.”

And so we followed Ms. Claire through the gates.
Though, I did feel a little intimidated as two guards stood on each side and glared at us.
Passing the gates, there was a stone-paved path that led to the big mansion. And around it were carefully tended plants and flowers. It was like some kind of garden.
Once we were at the midway point of the path, the mansion doors flung open and out flew a middle aged man with white hair.
…What was going on?

“Lady Claire! I am so glad to see you back safely! I wasn’t sure how I would be able to tell the master if something happened to you! Are you not hurt?”
“I’m sorry to have caused you to worry, Sebastian. But I am fine… As you can see, I’m not injured at all. Mr. Takumi saved me.”
“Oh, so you helped our Lady Claire. I am truly grateful. Am Sebastian, the butler of the Liebert household. On behalf of my master, I thank you.”
“Well, I just happened to be passing by…”

While Sebastian was bowing politely and thanking me, I felt as if I hadn’t really done anything.
It was Leo who saved her.
Also, his name was Sebastian… It was like he was born to be a butler.
Or maybe it was just a coincidence…

“Now Sebastian, how is Tilura?”
“…She is the same as when you left. Her fever is high, and she remains in bed.”
“I see. So we really do need the medicine.”
“But currently, the necessary medicine for Tilura’s ailment cannot be found here or in the neighboring town.”
“That’s why I went to the forest. Though, it was quite dangerous, and I was attacked by orcs. Thankfully, Mr. Takumi rescued me.”

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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  1. I have a bad feeling. If MC died then got transmigrated into isekai, then his dog must have died as well… maybe because of starvation because no one fed her and she could not get out of MC’s place by herself :'(

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