Realist Demon King – 149


The chicken house was built, and great quantities of chicken meat entered the market.

Nelsans Fried Chicken stores were set up, and fried chicken became a popular dish.

The effect on domestic affairs was very good.

And just as had been the original plan, the dwarves visited the stores every day in order to eat their chicken. Their chief, Gottlieb, was satisfied, and there was nothing else that had to be done. But there was just one thing that I wanted to try. And that was creating a new product out of the eggs.

Eggs were very high in nutrition, but they were weak to impact, and could not be exported very far. I wanted to do something about that.

“And so you built this strange factory next to the chicken house.”

Eve said.

“Correct. And I had Gottlieb build a mixer.”

“A mixer?”

“A machine that mixes things. Don’t you use something similar but smaller?”

“Yes. Sir Gottlieb gave one to me. We use it when making melange.”

“I want to use it to mass produce mayonnaise, which we will export.”

“Mayonnaise, my lord?”

“Aye, mayonnaise.”

“And what kind of food is mayonnaise?”

“You mix the egg yolk and add vinegar and oil. It’s a very simple condiment.”

“It sounds very healthy. Perhaps it will go well with salad.”

“Correct. Mayonnaise is healthy and goes perfectly with salad.”

“And is it also from another world?”

“Yes. It is not only delicious and nutritious, but it can be saved.”

“So it’s a preserved food.”

“Aye, mayonnaise does not go bad.”

“Is that true?”

Eve’s eyes widened.

“It is. Mayonnaise is just like honey. It is quite strange isn’t it? Considering that it is made of egg yolk. Apparently, it has something to do with the vinegar, but I don’t know the details.”

All anyone needed to know was that it tasted good, did not go bad, and was nutritious. And that made it perfect for exporting.

I could think of nothing better to send to the country of Berneze, where we received spices and grains from.

Just the thought of Marco Polo and Ryoma eating salad with mayonnaise on was enough to make me enthusiastic about building the factory.

Several weeks later, the mayonnaise factory was completed.

And there, we made mayonnaise for the first time. When I saw the white substance put into glass jars, I knew that we had gotten it right.

According to the texts, it went well with nearly anything. Currently, we spread it on bread.

Eve and Jeanne came to the tasting party and stared at me intently.
Eve trusted me, and Jeanne looked ravenous.

It was hard to eat when they looked at you so intently, but I ignored them and took a bite. The bread with the white substance on it was surprisingly tasty.

“It’s quite heavy, but the vinegar cuts through it nicely, so that it feels refreshing to eat. And its flavor is quite rich.”

Upon hearing this, Jeanne began to eat the mayonnaise directly out of the jar. There was something alluring about the way she licked her fingers. She then exclaimed, ‘it’s delicious!’

And so we now had the approval of the ravenous Saint. But I wondered what the demon vice-captain, Toshizou Hijikata would say. And so I offered some to him so he could taste it.

He cautiously dipped his finger into the mayonnaise and licked it. Perhaps it was not to his liking, as he narrowed his eyebrows.

“That’s odd. I heard that you liked mayonnaise more than anyone.”

“Where did you hear such a thing?”

“In a book in my past life.”

“That information is inaccurate.”

“Well, it’s true that they’re not all reliable.”
And so I had Eve try it next. She was in charge of financial affairs in Ashtaroth castle, but she was also the chief cook. If she did not like it, then this product would be a failure.

I placed the mayonnaise in front of Eve. She scooped some up with a teaspoon and brought it to her mouth.

She tasted it carefully. Her eyes remained closed as she muttered.

“…It is like a treasure chest filled with eggs and vinegar. A most wonderful combination.”

The words poured out of her mouth and she had a dazed expression. Apparently, she liked it very much.

No, that was an understatement. One might say that Eve had fallen in love with mayonnaise.

After that, mayonnaise was always used in meals at Ashtaroth castle.

Not only just for salad, but Eve would even put it on top of her pizza. And also fish meuniere and deep fried food as well.

I wondered if this wasn’t excessive, given the amount of calories. But then again, people did not get to take in as many calories in this world, so perhaps it balanced out. And so I just smacked my lips and enjoyed her meals.

However, it was hard to not get bored of it after a whole month. Toshizou was especially disgusted by it. ‘If you continue to put this white stuff on my food, I will leave,’ he declared. And so he spent all of his time in the brothels. As I did not want to lose him now, I had to persuade Eve. And so I asked her to limit the number of dishes she poured it on.

Eve cared more about the future of Ashtaroth castle than anyone, and so she readily agreed. However, I did not miss it. Miss seeing her dump a mountain of it on her own food.

It was on the omelette she had prepared for herself. I thought I was going to get a heart attack just looking at it. However, that was how much the head maid liked mayonnaise.

But overall, I was very happy that we had been able to make the chicken house and produce mayonnaise. It was hard to not feel this way from the bottom of my heart, when I saw my maid happily eating her mayonnaise omelette.

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  1. Y’know I never understood the Japanese’s obsession with mayo. Sure it tastes fine but every story I read treats it like it’s the best thing ever. Like it’s crack cocaine.

    On another note apparently Ashta has read Gintama since he thinks Hijikata should love mayo.

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