Realist Demon King – 44

The Unbeatable Demon King Eligos


Eligos rode a black horse and wore armor that exuded a dark aura.

An aura of rage and murderous intent. You could tell at a glance that he was not human.


“Though, he does have the shape of a human.”


I muttered.

Jeanne agreed, but we did not share any further opinions.


If Eve were here, she would have likely told me something useful, as she was a walking database. It was quite unfortunate.


And so I had little choice but to tell Jeanne what little I knew instead.


“Eligos is a Demon King who they call the prince of hell. As you can see, he is good with close-quarters combat and is stronger than Demon King Sabnac when it comes to duals.”


“Toshizou said that he struggled against Sabnac.”


“So did I.”


“I heard that you were the one to ultimately defeat him.”


“Yes, in the end. But will things go so smoothly this time?”


As I wondered this, my brave fighters, a team of skeletons, attacked Eligos.


They all wielded scimitars and aimed for Eligos’s neck. However, Eligos swept his spear to the side, and thirty skeletons shattered.


This was bad. I had to think of something.


“Sending our weakest soldiers out will only chip away at our numbers. Only Jeanne and Toshizou should fight.”


Toshizou heard this and let out a whistle.


“Ah, so is this where you wish me to die?”


“Of course not. That would be very inconvenient for me.”


“Still, I think taking on a Demon King may be difficult, even for the two of us.”


“I know. I just need a little more time. A little more. Distract him. Then we can win.”


“…If you can say that, you must know what you are doing. Does it have anything to do with that maid of yours?”


“Yes. I have faith in Eve.”


“Very well. I will believe in you and your maid.”


Said Toshizou. Then he ran.

His sword slashed through the enemy soldiers in his path.

“Jeanne, you’re lagging behind,” he complained.

Jeanne looked annoyed as she turned to me.


“Demon King. We will fight Demon King Eligos. But there are still thousands of undead you will have to face in the meantime.”


“Yes, neither road will be easy.”


“But, you will win. And I will not lose either. Demon King. Lead us to victory.”


“I will. The promised victory will be ours.”


After I said this, she lay a kiss on my cheek that was as close to my lips as they could be without actually touching them.


I accepted it silently, but then remembered that we were on a battlefield.

My face became hot.


“…That wasn’t very modest of you.”


She gave me a mischievous smile and said,


“I am a woman of France. It is merely a greeting. But if you come back alive, I may give you a proper French kiss.”


Then she unsheathed her sword and headed for the frontlines.

She too, cut through the enemy ranks as she charged.

A trail of zombie pieces and skeletons grew behind her.


They would be replaced just as easily…


And it was my job to kill them.


There were also ghosts, wraiths and banshees that could only be killed with magic.


“Well, well. This is going to be backbreaking work.”


I had to be both commander and soldier now.


“If only Zhuge Liang, Sima Yi or Nobunaga were here. My life would be so much easier…”


However, there was no use whining about it. I would just have to deal with it myself.


And so I unleashed magic while barking out orders. And like that, we systematically began to bury Eligos’s army of undead.


Demon King Eligos watched this and had a look of admiration.

He watched from afar from atop his horse and said the following words:


“So this is the infamous Demon King Ashtaroth. I had heard that he defeated Sabnac, and it seems that it was no accident.”


But then he continued,


“Still, Demon King Sabnac was an F-Rank Demon King. He may have been a great warrior in his own right, but nothing compared to me. Ashtaroth is merely the one-eyed king in the land of the blind. Hehehe.”


Demon King Eligos chuckled.

“I cannot ignore that. You insulted my lord.”

Came a voice.


It was a man. An intense-looking man with a foreign-looking uniform.

Eligos glared at him, but he did not buckle.

And then another voice cried out.


“I shall not forgive anyone who ridicules my Demon King. Your head is mine!”


This voice was clear and cool.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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  1. How could she know about french kiss? The term is a modern one and during her time peasants are kept ignorant and sexual talks are taboo.

    • it’s a japanese light novel, don’t question it and just accept it, that way you’ll have a lot more fun when reading these.

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