Realist Demon King – 44


The woman was wielding a sword and looked like a Saint.

It was a strange pair, he thought. And they seemed to be aware of it as well.


“We are not a pair!”


They said together as they slashed at him.

For not being a pair, their movements felt coordinated and in sync.


Toshizou blocked Eligos’s spear as Jeanne’s lithe movements carried her forward with a sword thrust.


Of course, such attacks would not reach him.

Still, they were interesting. He wanted to know their names.


“And what do they call you?”


“My name? I see no need for you to know. But I will play nice this time. I am Hijikata, vice-captain of the Shinsengumi. Toshizou Hijikata.”


He said.

Jeanne followed.


“I am Jeanne. The Maid of Orleans. Jeanne d’Arc. Servant of God. God sent me here in order that I can kill all the evil Demon Kings. And you are one of them.”


Then they attacked him again.


The Demon King’s movements were fast but not so fast that they could not see him.


As a master swordsman, Toshizou remained calm as he worked his blade.

And as a servant of God, Jeanne attacked him mercilessly.


Eligos was wearing thick armor, which prevented them from dealing a lethal blow. And yet, they did start to hit him.


If this continued, there was a possibility that they could get through his armor.


But would it be Toshizou, or Jeanne? I was not sure. But it turned out to be Toshizou.


There were a few reasons for that.


Jeanne’s holy sword, Nouvelle Joyeuse, was a double-edged broadsword. Making it quite heavy.


On the other hand, Toshizou was a master swordsman who had trained in a dojo in the Tama region. He was above her as a warrior.


Whenever Eligos dodged Jeanne’s hefty blade, Toshizou would slip in, seemingly from the shadows, and thrust his sword outwards.


It sunk into Eligos’s stomach. And then something astonishing happened.

In spite of being stabbed in the stomach, Eligos ignored it and thrust out with his spear.


Toshizou kicked away from him and pulled out his sword from Eligos’s body, and nearly died from the attack.


A cold sweat dripped from his face.


“…Quite a monster. However, surely that did a lot of damage…”


He paused.

Even if it had not been lethal, it should have been quite deep.

He thought this, but only for a moment.


Eligos’s stomach had been cut open. Dark blood was running out of the hole, but it quickly stopped. Then it closed.


His wound had healed itself.


“Such recovery ability… It is ridiculous.”


Toshizou sighed. But Jeanne looked even more disappointed.


“…Toshizou. It is very unfortunate that you could not kill him with that hit.”


“…Are you saying that we won’t get another chance?”


“Perhaps. But the Demon King’s troops are in a bad state. They are tired. They are about to fall.”


He looked behind him. They had retreated quite far back now. The formation would soon crumble and they would be swallowed up by the enemy. It would be over then.


And it seemed all but certain that they had no hope of defeating Eligos now.

He knew how strong he was after just a few traded blows.

And with this healing ability, there was nothing they could do.


(…We’ll probably die.)


He thought, but not in despair.


If anything, he was calm. He was satisfied that he would at least die to a Demon King who was this powerful.


–It was just as he thought this. Ashta’s voice rang from afar.


“Toshizou. You are not going to die here. You are going to die under a hundred thousand arrows. Not a third-rate Demon King.”


“A third-rate Demon King!”


Eligos roared.

However, Ashta’s voice came back cooly.


“I told you that I had a plan, did I not? And that I needed time. You gave me that. And my strategist in maid’s clothing has pulled through for me.”


As Demon King Ashta said this, a change came over Eligos’s body.

He had lost the ominous aura that had surrounded his body up until now.

It was the beginning of a change that came over the once hopeless battlefield.

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    • kinda obvious judging from the fact that demon lords has cores and destroying it will kill said demon lord. They are the distraction, the whole thing is a diversion while Eve and other special forces storm/sneak into his castle and destroy his core.

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