Makai Hongi – 219

Chapter 219

The Celestial World always investigated with their stakes before an invasion.
This information came from a fallen one, so it must be true.

And if they came down to the Demon World, their power would be halved.
This environment that was full of mana was like poison to them.

From what I understood, it would be the same if someone from the Demon World went to the Celestial World.
Mana and holy power were not compatible.

And so when invading, the celestial beings would want to choose a place that they could build their base.
The Demon World was vast.
There weren’t that many densely populated areas, and so there was no way they would deliberately choose a town where a Demon King lived… That’s what I had thought.

“They came here!”
I thought that the chances of it happening were almost non-existent, and yet here they were.

“Is this holy power!?”
Tralzard was shocked.
Perhaps her shock was even amplified from having lived for so long.

The residents of the Celestial World were not stupid. They wouldn’t come here if they had no chance of winning.
Tralzard knew this. That’s why she was so surprised.

After all, they had made calculations and determined that they had the advantage.

“As for me, this is just what I was hoping for.”
They had killed my men.
And they nearly killed me.

I needed to pay them back for that.

I would show them how I was different from before my evolution.
I had prepared, thinking that I would be fighting Tralzard.

“H-hey, Golan. Where are you going?”
Tralzard’s voice grew more distant. Well, it was because I was running away from her at full speed.

Recently, I have been using all of my time learning how to use my mana.
I was always very studious and had trained a lot in my past life, so I was used to doing it. This was all for the fight ahead.

But in the end, no matter how many times that I tried, I couldn’t use magic. And there weren’t any signs suggesting this might change.
It was likely that my race just couldn’t use magic. That was fine.

“Instead, I can strengthen my body repeatedly.”

I just needed to charge my legs up with mana, and I could easily jump over the castle walls.

Normally, the soldiers would have chased after me. But this wasn’t normal. In fact, it was a state of emergency.
After all, the residents of the Celestial World were already appearing throughout the town.

And so I headed to the spot that was most likely to be the center of chaos.
In the meantime, I saw a number of magic attacks flying up towards the sky.

“They’re quick.”
While the main fighters had not arrived yet, the town’s people were already working to drive the enemy back.

Those bastard celestials. They shouldn’t have started by appearing in the town like this.
It meant they didn’t have time to create a base, let alone a holy barrier.

They had to fight as soon as they landed.
They were just making things harder for themselves.

“Well, it’s good news for us.”

I unsheathed the Deepsea Dragon Sword as I ran.
“Get out of my way!”

The people in the town who were fighting were likely high-rankers.
They moved strategically so that the non-combat races would not be harmed.

I kicked one enemy into the air as I ran, and then cut down another who was close by.
They were my enemies. I had no intention of letting a single one make it out of here alive.

However, while I hadn’t been holding back, the wound was not deep. Perhaps he had dodged the attack.
“I see that you’re just as expressionless as before!”

They looked like mannequins in white robes. Not much different than the ones I saw before.
And since they used magic brimming with holy power, it would be very dangerous to get hit by them.

I tried slashing again, but it also barely made a scratch.
Apparently, this one had plenty of combat experience. Perhaps he was a shock trooper.

I slammed him with a chain of attacks.
One after another, and with those feints I had practiced so many times in my past life, mixed in as well.

I wonder if he thought I was playing unfair.
He was unable to deal with the attacks that included feints, and when he became slow to react, I moved around and slashed at his neck.

This time, it cut cleanly through. The head went flying.
“First one down.”
The celestial being fell to the ground as holy power spread out all around the body.

“While they aren’t scrubs, they clearly aren’t the main fighting force.”
But if I had fought this one as an Ogre, I would have likely been the one to die.

That’s how much power I felt. But more would come, and they would be stronger.
“Still, they haven’t seen half of what I can do.”

There were twice as many magic attacks being unleashed from the town towards the sky now.
A crack appeared in the heavens, and numerous celestial beings appeared.

So the invasion had really begun.


Immediately after, a massive magic attack was unleashed.
It was incredible.

There was a great explosion when it hit the town.

–Dodooon. Dodoon.

Several more explosions followed.
Anyone who was caught in them would be badly injured.

“I can’t tell them apart.”
Were the ones in the sky the main fighting force? Or would others come after them? I didn’t know.

But there was one thing that I was certain of.
“I have to kill them. Or this invasion won’t end.”

They had taken me by surprise last time, but I wouldn’t make the same mistake this time.
I would avenge my dead comrades.

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