Shinmai Boukensha – 40

Day 40: A New Departure
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 23rd day.
Weather: Sunny

A beautiful blue sky… The perfect weather for traveling.

And so I headed to the guild to say my farewells.
The receptionist smiled and said he would pray for my safety on the road.
I felt quite indebted to him after all this time.

Then I went to the bar, and told Mr. Karl, Ms. Marina, Ms. El, and Ms. Marga that I was leaving.
And they gave me a single wooden box as a parting gift. …What is it?
When I opened it and looked inside, I found a white, fluffy rucksack.
…For some reason, it was designed to look like a rabbit’s face. I guess the shoulder straps were its ears? Ah, and the side pockets were feet.

Huh? Uh, it is very cute, but why was this off rucksack their parting gift?
Perhaps this question had showed on my face, as Ms. Marga then burst into laughter.
And then she told me. It was a magic rucksack… What!?

In other words, is it that!? The wonderful item that does not get heavy no matter how much stuff you put into it? Is that what this is!?
But how did you get something so rare and expensive!?

When I asked about this, they said that they had discovered it in a hidden room while investigating the dungeon.
But if that was the case, then shouldn’t Mr. Karl and the others use it instead?
I said this, but they insisted that regardless of how useful it might be, no one wanted to use something that was this fancy. This was said with a very serious expression.
And they said that it would be better for me to use it than to see it gather dust in the storage room.

…Was the design really that bad? But it’s so cute.
However, if that was the case, then I would take good care of it!!
And so I thanked them, and they all said that they wished me well and they patted me on the head… It tickled.

I then said goodbye and was about to leave, but then Ms. El called me back.
What is it? I tilted my head to the side. ‘Please continue to be friends with my daughter,’ she said.
This sudden and explosive request caused waves of shock to ripple around the room. And so while looking a little embarrassed, she explained it to me.

Apparently, that maid was Ms. El’s daughter that she had with her human husband!!
Uh, so she is a quarter elf!?
She said that her daughter had run away from home about a hundred years ago, and she had no idea of her whereabouts. But thanks to me, they had been reunited. She sounded so happy when she talked about it.
She had also heard about everything that had happened, and said that though her daughter might bother me, she hoped that I would help her…
I could hardly say no after receiving the rucksack… She must have known this! You are a schemer, Ms. El!!

I did give her my word, but that maid had already disappeared…
I wondered about this as I was walking, but then I saw her lurking by the town gate.
Can I go with you? She asked hesitantly. But I passed her without saying a word.
And then I heard a sigh of disappointment from behind me.

…This was foolish.

I turned around and called her name.
Let’s go, Ms. Noa!! We have to reach the lake before the day is over!
And then she ran towards me, happy, but with tears in her eyes… Hmph. She really was a troublesome maid.
Still, I felt a sense of excitement!!

It was the beginning of a new adventure with a partner! Let’s go. To the town of Ruffa!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +25(Wager returned)(Ms. Marina was furious, and there was no wager)
-50(Preserved food)
Balance: 4 silver, 25 bronze

( ^^)人(^^ ) The start of an adventure of two people who ran away from home!!

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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