Shinmai Boukensha – 57

Day 57: Abandoned Mine Exploration
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Water Serpent, 9th day.
Weather: Sunny

…I am so tired after camping outside last night.
He was constantly complaining about the food and bed… This is why I don’t like little lords.
If he cannot even endure something so insignificant, I cannot think that he is suited to being an Adventurer.

Shortly past midday, we finally reached the Rufaldo Abandoned Mine Dungeon.
We prepared our tools and wasted no time in entering.
As for the formation, Ms. Noa and I were in the lead. Next was Mr. Sebas, Rai, and then Mr. Gein.
It was very dark inside of the abandoned mines.
In the Kobo mines I went to before, they had light sources. But there was nothing of that sort here.
Besides, even if they installed such things, they would soon be destroyed by monsters.

Because of this, I purchased mine lamps in advance.
As the name implied, they were special lamps that could be used in mines, where flames could be dangerous.
With this, even flammable gas would not burn up. On top of that, it could even detect toxic gasses as well. Though, it was not the brightest… But safety was the most important.
By the way, there was also a similar magic tool that used mana… But those are incredibly expensive… One gold for one of them. That’s a scam.

With this unreliable light, Ms. Noa and I checked the route on the map while we cautiously made our way forward.
Rai began to shout in annoyance at our slow progress, but I ignored him. Yes, it was best to ignore him.
Uhh, the mining point was just a little farther ahead… The objective for this quest was to gather Mithril.
But as it was a rare metal that could only be found in a limited number of mines, I was a little worried…

After walking for some time, Ms. Noa suddenly stood up.
Apparently, she could hear the footsteps of people approaching.
When I directed the light ahead and squinted, I saw three small figures… Ah, are they kobolds?
Hey, Rai!? Why did you just unseath your short sword? And why are you running ahead!?
I frantically reached out my hand and grabbed him… What the hell was he doing?
…Don’t you know that Kobolds were friendly neighbors in mines!?

But even after I warned him, Rai continued to hold his sword up and glare at the kobolds.
In return, the kobolds looked more cautious and they began to shake their pickaxes at us.
Hey!? If we make enemies out of the kobolds, exploration will be the last thing we’ll be doing here!!
Ah! That’s right. Cheese. I will placate them with cheese.

I had Ms. Noa deal with the wild Rai, and I hurriedly took out some cheese from my rabbit sack.
While they were growling at us at first, as soon as they saw the cheese in my hand, they began to wag their tails and rush forward… Yes, they really were like dogs.
And when I handed the cheese to them, the kobolds looked very satisfied.
It seems like we were forgiven then… That was close.

After the kobolds finished eating their cheese on the spot, they waved at us and left.
Yes, yes. Before leaving, they gave us an old map. Perhaps it was to show their gratitude… And since it looked rare, I put it safely away in my rabbit sack.

Now, it was time to continue on.
Huh? Rai was suddenly very quiet… Did you do something, Ms. Noa?
Well, it’s fine, since he is quiet.

Ah, I might as well say it now. We will be camping out in the mines tonight.
Upon hearing this, Rai scowled… Hehehe. This is the reality of dungeon exploration. It is much too late for regrets.

Now, it’s just a little farther till we reach the mining point… We can do it!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Old map x1
Balance: 47 silver, 71 bronze

(・_・?) A mystery map…!! Could it lead to buried gold!? Surely not.

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