Cave King – 216

Chapter 216 – I Decided To Go By Myself!

“Alliance. Well, why not? To be honest, I never liked those Vader people that came here before.”
“Father, you can’t be moved by emotion…”

Fule said admonishingly to Erevan.

The Sheorl palace.
In the meeting room, the leaders of the island had gathered around the circle table. This was so they could debate on the alliance with Sylphion.

After hearing Erevan and the others, Haines opened his mouth.

“No, I do think that Sir Erevan has a point. The people that came to Sheorl tried to conquer us immediately.”

Ashton nodded and spoke.

“Expansion is their doctrine. They must behave like that in other places outside of Sheorl. I doubt that we shall ever be able to see eye to eye.”

Baris nodded and then added,

“However, it might not be the case with all of the Vader people. And so my suggestion is that while forming an Alliance with Sylphion, we investigate Vader.”

I nodded in agreement.

“I think that is a good idea. Perhaps there are some who will listen to us when we speak about the miasma.”
“They are a country with great military power… It would be reassuring to have them as an ally.”

Rienna muttered.

However, Erevan was not convinced.

“Judging by how they act, that might be difficult. Well, I am in favor of the alliance for now. It will be great to acquire resources from the forest.”

Said Erevan, and the others nodded.

“Well then, it seems that no one has objections to the alliance. As for the tools we mean to offer them, for now, that will be restricted to ones made of iron. Because if we gave them mithril or orichalcum, they might use it in their fight against Vader.”

To this, everyone also agreed.

And so it was decided that we would form an alliance with Sylphion.

We then went to tell Theodosia and Beruna, who were waiting in the drawing room.

“I thank you for your attentiveness. As for the conditions, I have no problem with them.”

After Baris told Theodosia the conditions, she bowed her head.

And then Baris asked,

“Of course, I’m sure the other Sylphion people will have their own opinions. If you have any requests, we will do our best to accommodate you.”
“There is no need for that. I shall ensure that they are all satisfied with these conditions. After all, you have already helped by extinguishing the fire, so I believe they will be very grateful. Indeed, they already call you the sage, Sir Baris.”
“I am but an apprentice who has started to learn magic. I am no sage.”
“You are too modest. You have the magic ability of a sage. Besides, after seeing the town in Sheorl…this very much seems like a country for sages.”

Said Theodosia as she looked out the window and saw the World Tree, Sheorl town…and the giant Mappa statue that stood in the sea.

Rienna answered her.

“Regardless of the results of the alliance, you must visit us whenever you like. And we shall give you leaves and sap from the World Tree.”
“I am grateful. We will also prepare some return gifts in haste.”
“Thank you. By the way, I did have one question, Ms. Theodosia.”
“A question? If it is something that I can answer…”
“It’s about the seeds of the World Tree. For instance, if our World Tree has seeds, would you be able to plant it in the Sylphion forest?”

I had been wondering about that as well.
Plants had seeds. In fact, our World Tree has also been a seed.

So if we had seeds, Sylphion and other wastelands like Arancia might be able to be revived.

But then again, this was a tree that offered so many blessings. Perhaps each tree only yielded one seed.

However, Theodosia’s answer was a surprising one.

“To put it simply, the answer is yes. However, we do not know what to do so that they form. Either it just takes a long time, or there are special requirements… However, it is said that it must be a happy place.”
“Well, in that case, we might get a seed eventually.”
“Yes. I feel that it will definitely happen in a place like this. And so please, continue to treat the World Tree well.”

So she was quite confident, huh? Theodosia looked serious, so it wasn’t just flattery.

Rienna nodded.

“Yes. We will…make it grow even taller!”

Theodosia laughed pleasantly.

“Well, regrettably, we must return now. I will talk to the others about the alliance. If you do visit the forest, please call for Beruna. She will be your guide and contact.”

And so Theodosia and Beruna bowed once and then returned to Sylphion.

A few hours later, we received word from the Sylphion that they had accepted our alliance offer.

And so trade between Sheorl and Sylphion began at once. In the meantime, Baris and I sat in the meeting room and discussed the Vader investigation.

Baris was writing in what looked like a plan as he spoke.

“There are no dragonfolk among us. So even if we have Ryukin, using a disguise to look like the dragonfolk would be too risky.”
“Aye. Besides, they have mithril armor. According to Shiel, it’s not just swords, but they also have staffs that enhance their magic. We should expect them to see through any disguise, and enter the country more boldly as outsiders.”
“In that case, we should send someone skilled in combat or magic. But someone who also won’t look suspicious.”
“Aye. Unfortunately, that will be difficult for monsters. Vader is in contact with the Amolis Republic, so they at least have dealings with humans. In other words, they are less likely to suspect…someone like me.”

Who was right for the task? As we wondered about such things, the words poured out of my mouth.

But Baris scowled.

“But Lord Heal, if you were to go… Perhaps it would be better to send the resurrected people of the Sheorl Empire.”
“These are people with Mithril… If someone with powerful magic has to go, then I am probably the right person. Indeed, I would rather stay here and continue to dig out other teleportation gates, but we cannot ignore the matter of Vader. So I’ll have to leave the digging to someone else.”

Baris did not like it. But after a while, he finally nodded his head.

“Very well. However, it is too dangerous for you to go alone. You will need a guard. Someone strong who looks human… Either the princess or Fule.”
“But Rienna should be here in my place…”
“I do not wish it either. However, I feel as if she will definitely go when she learns about this. This is different from when you leave a short distance. Besides…”

Baris looked at me seriously.

“If you and the princess leave, then we shall protect Sheorl with everything we have while you are gone.”

For so long, we had all been preparing so that we could protect this island. We even had ministers for every department.
Not only that, but Sheorl now had powerful weapons called Mado Armors.

“I hope this doesn’t sound rude… But you should do as you please more often. Your actions have constantly saved us, Lord Heal. And we do not want to bind you.”

So they wanted me to move freely. Well, I was very grateful that they felt that way.

Besides, Baris’s magic would surpass mine soon enough. There was surely nothing to be worried about.

“Very well…Baris. I’ll leave Sheorl in your hands. As well as the others.”
“Leave it to us, Lord Heal…no, Your Majesty. I’ve been accidentally calling you Lord Heal.”
“Baris…don’t call me that. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, I would prefer it if we just talked normally.”
“If that’s what you wish, Your Majesty.”

Baris said with a mischievous laugh. I suppose he was reminding me that to everyone, I was still the leader.

“Well… In any case, we’ll return as soon as possible. Besides, there are the teleportation gates. And we won’t be reckless. We’ll retreat immediately if it’s more dangerous than expected.”
“And you only need to give the order, and we will rush in to support you, Lord Heal.”
“Aye, thank you. And now, I must go and prepare.”

Like this, it was decided that I would go to Vader in order to investigate.

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