Cave King – 187

Chapter 187 – We Decided to Lure Them In!

“Chief, I went quite far out but found nothing unusual!”

When I got out of the Mado Armor in Sheorl’s wharf district, Erevan’s voice called to me.

Apparently, he had parked his Mado Armor right next to ours. He descended from the cockpit and started walking towards us.

His suit only emphasized his muscular physique, and Fule looked away as if she couldn’t bear the sight of him.

After defeating the horde of Lance Bees, we patrolled the area above the sea surrounding Sheorl for some time.

As for the results, we had found nothing.
Nearly all of the Lance Bees had perished without a trace after being hit by Hell Explosion.
The Wyvern flying unit was currently on scouting duty, but there had been no reports yet.

I nodded to Erevan as he reached us.

“Aye. I also went as far as the horizon when seen from Sheorl. We should be safe for now. Still, there is no harm in staying on our guard.”
“We’ll do that. Besides, we have the Mado Armors. From now on, I’ll have them take turns watching the sky around Sheorl. They should be able to detect changes faster than boats.”
“Thank you. Of course, if the magic energy is anywhere as thick as it was earlier, than Rienna, Baris and I will likely notice it immediately.”

That’s how strong the magic reaction from the Lance Bees was.

“But you were still able to destroy them with one hit. Your magic really is amazing, Chief.”

I shook my head and replied.

“It wasn’t really my magic. It was all because of the Mado Armor. That being said, we really need to test various spells with it…or we might accidentally destroy our own island.”

I hadn’t been so enthusiastic about it, but it looked like I would have to spend some time getting used to it.

In the meantime, Baris and the octopus monster—Aries the Tactician, ran up to us.

“Lord Heal! And I see the Princess is unharmed as well.”
“Aye, we are fine. By the way, about the horde…”
“I realized it as well. And when I went underground to check the tentacle that was stored there…”

Baris took the bottle from his belt and showed it to me.
Inside, the black tentacle that had been nesting in Garuda was now moving wildly.

Fule looked at it and opened her mouth with a disgusted expression.

“I hate looking at it every time…but it seems worse than usual?”

Upon hearing this, Aries reported to me in a cheerful voice.

“Your majesty. I’ve been observing this thing in the underground city’s laboratory every day! It started going wild about two days ago. But it’s gradually grown worse!”

Aries was in charge of maintenance in the underground city, as Baris’s advisor.
While I hadn’t visited the underground city for awhile, it seemed like things were going smoothly.

However, Fule made a sharp observation to Aries.

“So, why didn’t you tell us about it?”
“I…I… But surely there is nothing so abnormal about a writhing tentacle…?”
“Well, maybe you think so because you’re an octopus…”

While they talked, Rienna looked at the tentacle and said,

“Maybe…it was calling its friends?”
“It-it is certainly a possibility! Of course, up until now, Sheorl has been attacked by various other hordes of creatures. So it might be unrelated as well!”

Aries said. Erevan replied immediately.

“In any case, we should hurry up and kill it if it’s dangerous! So it doesn’t call anything else to this island!”

What Erevan said made sense.
If this tentacle really had called its friends…that horde, then it was incredibly dangerous.

We knew that it was weak to healing magic and the kind of powerful magic that Elto taught us. Surely there wasn’t much more we could learn through studying it…

“…But, there is another way to think about it. It’s because we have this tentacle, that they all come to this island.”

I stated. Rienna and Baris immediately realized what I meant, but Erevan tilted his head.

“Huh? Yes. So we can’t let it live.”

Fule shook her head.

“That’s not it, father. What do you think will happen if that horde went somewhere else?”
“Well, that’s…we have a Chief like Heal and Mado Armors. But any other place would probably turn out like Arancia… I see.”

Erevan realized what I was trying to say.

“Aye. I doubt there is any country on this continent that could drive back that Lance Bee horde. Even Elto, who taught us Hell Explosion, would have a difficult time.”

The Elto Continent had numerous dragons, but against such a number of Lance Bees who had enhanced magic due to the tentacles…it would be hard to fight back.

“But why should we care about what happens to those outside… Well, I suppose it won’t be just those who hate us that die.”

Rienna nodded at Erevan’s words.

“If there is another similar attack, then we will be the only ones who can defeat it.”
“Aye, it’s possible that they could be dangerous to continents that we are friendly with, such as Elto and the dragons or Amolis, where merchant Berfalt is from. And so we will let the tentacle live for now.”

In other words, we would lure enemies towards Sheorl and defeat them.

If this prophecy about the world ending was true, then perhaps we could delay it a little. And so other countries and continents can avoid Arancia’s fate.
If it was possible for us to do such a thing, I could not look away.

And everyone nodded at my suggestion.
However, Erevan and Baris looked a little worried.

But just then, I sensed the presence of powerful magic energy coming from the sea near the Sheorl coast.

It immediately jumped out of the water and towards Sheorl’s wharf. Apparently, there were still Lance Bees that were infected by tentacles inside of the water.

“A bee! Kill it!!”

As there were already soldiers guarding the wharf, they immediately pointed their bows and crossbows at it.

“Wait! They are difficult to defeat without magic!”

I said. And then I prepared to fire off some magic at it.

However, a small white bird seemed to come out of nowhere, and it unleashed a blinding light at the Lance Bee.

“Is that…Mel!”

I rushed forward, but the Lance Be was already lying on the ground, motionless.
And then the small bird—transformed into a girl with long silver hair.

“I’m sorry, father! I was playing in the underground city. That’s why I’m late!”

Baris came to stand right next to me and said,

“When I heard that the sky was black, I was reminded of the black tentacles, and so I called Mel.”

Previously, Mel had unleashed a light in order to get rid of the tentacles that were on Garuda. My guess was that the light had the same effect as healing magic.

In fact, the tentacles had completely vanished from the fallen Lance Bee.

Fule stood behind Mel and patted her on the head.

“As you can see, Mel is here too. So we’ll be fine! The rest of us need to learn healing magic somehow, and then we’ll be able to defeat any that come! Besides, we also have the Mado Armor and you, father. Right?”

While Erevan had looked worried, he nodded when he heard those words.

“…Aye! No matter what happens, we’ll fight back. That’s what we’ve always done.”
“Yes. That’s what our power is for.”

Baris agreed with a nod.

And then I turned to Mel.

“Mel. This might mean that we’ll have to call you while you’re playing with Ril…”
“That’s fine! We want to be useful to everyone as well! And Ril is going to help too! See!”

A white puppy…who was Ril, jumped out with a rope in its mouth. It then wrapped it around the fallen Lance Bee.

“Ril! You got it!”
“You were amazing too, Mel! It’s almost not fair…!”

Ril said with a little annoyance as she turned into a girl with short silver hair.

Considering that her mother, Queen Noia, was a sorceress, Ril should become a very powerful magic user as well.

“Both of you. Your father and mother have an important request, so listen carefully, alright?”

Fule said with a mischievous grin.
As Rienna and I looked embarrassed, Ril and Mel replied energetically, ‘Okay!’

In the meantime, Erevan was looking at the Lance Bee.

“Still, what should we do with it? These things are quite dangerous. Many of my old comrades were killed by them in the forests.”
“So they attacked goblins as well. These are monsters known as Lance Bees. And they gave humans a lot of trouble.”
“Then let’s kill it. But I doubt there is any part that we can eat.”

It was then that Heath and Garuda, who were a different kind of bee monster, arrived.

“Heath. Yes, it really is different from you two.”

Upon hearing this, Heath shook its head.
However, it then pointed its front legs at the Lance Bee as if to say, ‘could you leave it to us?’

“You can befriend it?”

Heath and Garuda nodded.

“If that’s what you say, then I’ll leave it to you two. However, I’ll have to tame it later on and…ah.”

I realized that yet another tentacle-infected Lance Bee had appeared near the wharf.

However, without a second’s delay, Mel shot it out of the sky with her light. And then Ril tied it up.

The two waved at me as if to say, ‘we got this.’ There were bound to be more of them. And so I would leave the surviving Lance Bees to them.

After that, about thirty Lance Bees arrived.
And after Mel rid them of their tentacles, they were kept in the prisons for some time. But through Heath and Garuda’s careful persuasion, they eventually agreed to join us on the island.

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