Cave King – 167

Chapter 167 – Driven Away!

“Seize Princess Alyssa and a few of the others as hostages! You can kill the rest!”

Shouted one man who must have been the captain. And with that, the soldiers of the holy place raised their weapons and attacked us.

“What a joke! I’ll deal with them all myself! Arrrghh!”

Erevan held his axe in both hands and knocked down the waves of soldiers who swept towards him.

The Golems picked up the flailing soldiers while the Goblins, Kobolds and Orcs worked together to knock the others unconscious.

In the meantime, I cast Shield on Erevan and the Sheorl guards.

I wanted to see what they were capable of now.

While this was happening, Alyssa was shouting at the soldiers to stop.
The guardians were also shouting.
However, none of the soldiers obeyed them. They continued to act with hostility.

Still, I could see that Erevan and Sheorl’s guards were not struggling in the least.
As for the soldiers of the holy place, they were falling like flies.

Upon seeing this, the one who appeared to be the captain took a step back.

“What!? Why are they so tough!?”
“Ha! First of all, there’s the difference in weapons! The Chief dug up the materials and that Mappa bastard forged them! But given how weak you all are, you wouldn’t even be able to defeat our children!”

Erevan said as he sent another group of soldiers flying into the air.

“Ah! Ahh! Ca-call for reinforcements! We cannot win against this many of them!”

The captain shouted, and a light-armored messenger began running away.

If this continued, they would keep sending men and this would never end.

I didn’t want to show it, but…

I raised a hand to the sky.

Elto had taught me to use the fire magic, Hell Explosion…but since it was too powerful, I unleashed Fire instead.

A massive pillar of flame rose up into the shy, bathing the surrounding area in scorching wind.

“AAAH!? Fire?!”

The soldiers of the holy place began to shriek.

And then Erevan shouted.

“See! If you value your lives, you will carry your unconscious comrades and return home!”
“Re-retreat! We cannot beat them!”

The captain shouted. The soldiers immediately started to run away from the gate. They carried their unconscious soldiers and rushed down the stairs of the tower.

As we watched them leave, I turned to Erevan.

“Erevan. Are you hurt?”
“Not at all, as you can see. The others are fine too. Well, I doubt anyone on Sheorl would lose to the likes of those soldiers.”
“They have good equipment, but it seems like they lack experience.”

My own opinion was that it had more to do with Erevan and Sheorl’s guards being exceptionally strong.

Besides, our equipment was made of Orichalcum and Mithril. That was very different from the iron armor of these soldiers.
This was how we made it through many battles in the past, including the attack of a Leviathan.
So we had experience as well.

As for Alyssa and the guardians…they were looking at me with something like fear.

“Uh, Alyssa?”
“L-Lord Heal. This and the magic you showed on the wall… Are you really human?”
“I don’t know if our definitions are the same, but yes, I am just a human. But more importantly…”

I began, but Ogus the guardian suddenly bowed his head.

“I’m sorry… I meant to make the report to the king, but…”
“It was Grand Duke Bilene who came out? I understand the situation. And since they know how strong we are now, they might send more soldiers next time.”

Alyssa nodded.

“I think they’ll want to investigate what is on the other side of the gate as soon as possible, so that they can take your resources… He is a greedy man.”
“But we cannot keep fighting them forever… Alyssa, I have to talk to you about something.”
“If they can build a wall, then you should also…build a wall between the city and the holy place. A high wall.”

In other words, separate the two sides of the city completely.

Ogus immediately knelt before Alyssa.

“Your Highness. We will obey your order. And so will the rest of your people.”

Vanessa, the other guardian, also went down to her knee.

“The people’s hearts have left the royal family a long time ago. You are the only one who can lead us.”
“You two…”

Alyssa’s eyes went towards the city.

The people from the holy place did not care about the citizens at all.
And so Alyssa had chosen the road of leaving so that she could fight alongside her people.

Besides, there was one thing that she was certain of. And that was that the people did not need the holy place.

And so I asked Alyssa to decide.

Once she made a decision, she would never be able to return to the holy place.

I could tell by her expression that she knew what to do. She then turned and bowed her head.

“…Lord Heal. Please help us. And I will cut off my ties with that place.”
“Well said, Alyssa.”

The guardians also nodded in approval.

“However, Lord Heal. Building a stone wall will take a long time. The people in the holy place will surely try to stop us. And we will also have to deal with the undead outside of the walls.”

Erevan laughed upon hearing this.

“Don’t worry about that, young lady. It won’t take a day with Lord Heal here.”
“Y-you must be exaggerating! I’ve never heard of magic like that before.”

Alyssa looked a little irritated, as if he was making fun of her. However, Erevan just said, ‘now, now, just watch.’

And then he shouted at the other guards.

“All of you! Continue to guard this area! I will be escorting the Chief. Now, Chief. Let’s get this over with.”
“Yes. I have enough boulders. It shouldn’t take long.”

And so we made our way to the holy place once again.

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  1. When the enemy hides behind their wall, better build your own wall, and surround their wall with your wall. Actually a great tactic used in history, though not that many times (expensive and time consuming).
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. OK so it’s not exactly what I was expecting but this accomplishes the same thing basically of where I wanted Heal to just abandon the nobles. Isolating them behind a giant-ass wall is practically the same thing: excluding them from Heal’s aid.

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