Makai Hongi – 129

Chapter 129

The enemy was advancing, and so I wanted to head towards Demon King Tralzard’s lands immediately.


I was currently being hit by some undesired pressure.

Twenty Vampires had gathered in front of me.
Not only that, but they were soldiers who protected this town.

The town soldiers…aside from being Vampires who were high in rank, they were seen as guardians who had watched over the town for generations.
As for why they were pestering me now…

“How can this savage Ogre be the leader!”

That really was the gist of their complaints.

“I’m sorry. But they demanded to see you, Golan.”
Even General Farneze could not make them settle down.

Of course, the General was the most important person in this town.
That being said, not everything happened the way that she wanted.

For instance, ten of the Vampires that were to accompany me to Tralzard’s lands…
I was told that the General had used rather forceful means when selecting them.

They were the sons and daughters of this town’s soldiers.
She wanted them to grow strong. That was the General’s wish.

And so this trial had been given to them.
After all, just because their parents were good soldiers, it did not mean that they would be great fighters as well.
But this wasn’t because she was a very patient person either.

To be frank, they were considered to be the leftovers out of the Vampires.
Vagabonds, really.
Vampires who were unemployed or just helped around the house.
Shut-ins or Neets could work as well.
But that’s the kind of Vampires they were.

Perhaps it was the result of being born as a ‘high-rank’ species, having great parents, and living in a safe town.
In spite of giving up easily, they had a lot of pride.

But the General wanted them to grow so that they could help protect the future of this town.
It was because she felt this way that she had chosen them, even though it meant using a little force.

However, it was their parents who were the first to object.
“Go to a different country? Outrageous!”
“My child is strong enough. There is no need for training.”
“In the first place, the very idea of being led by an Ogre is unheard of.”

The General had made the decision without asking the people concerned, and so they had come here to complain.
As for me, I couldn’t see why these parents thought they had a right to come here, when we were talking about fully grown adults.

I had stood and listened to them quietly, mostly for the General’s sake, but I was reaching my limit.

“Besides, Ogres are just walls of meat.”
“Exactly. In fact, why don’t we just bleed them all dry right now?”
“Those idiots aren’t even worth turning into pig food.”
“It will be such a hassle dealing with the carcasses.”
“We’ll be merciful to you if you just hang yourself and die.”
They weren’t being very nice at all.

At first, my smile had been purely for the General, but after a while, I found myself smiling and laughing by my own will.

“I see. So you all have complaints regarding me and my kind.”
Big smile.

“Of course, we do. You foul Ogre!”
“Were you not listening to us? This is why I hate these idiot races.”
Still smiling.

These guys. They weren’t just mocking me, but all of my men.

“Eeee… Golan is laughing.”
“He-hey… Let’s get out of here.”

The other Ogres began to tiptoe away as if thieves in the night.
How rude. They didn’t have to run away. I wasn’t going to hurt them.

“I’ve made my decision. Let’s kill this Ogre and forget about this whole thing.”
“Perfect. In fact, let’s kill all of these stinking Ogres!”
“Yes! Yes! Kill them all!”

Shocking. Not only were they mocking me, but they were now going to try and hurt my men.
These were supposed to be the guardians of the town. What a joke.

There were two who were especially bad. They came right up to my face and cursed loudly.

The General had been kind enough to tell me their names. The man was Eltar, and the woman was Finsally.
They were apparently a married couple.

They could not bear the idea of their beloved son being taken away. And they came at me as if I was their mortal enemy.

As for me, I was now completely out of patience.

“If you feel so strongly about it, so be it. Let’s settle this with strength.”
It was the Demon World way.

Upon hearing these words, Eltar smiled wickedly. ‘We got him.’ It was written on his face.
“Are the rest of you in agreement?”

I asked. And every one of them nodded.

“Well, that makes things easier. I will fight you all. And whoever loses will have to obey the winner.”
They were all looking at me as if they couldn’t believe how stupid I was.

After all, they were real soldiers, confident in their ability.
And so they all nodded.

“Then…a fight it is… You two will be my weapons.”
“…What did you say?”
“What does that mean?”
Eltar and Finsally looked at me with suspicion.

They did not know about Aikido. I lightly grabbed their arms and swiped their legs, moving their center of gravity so that they flew into the air and fell on their heads.
Of course, they did not take any damage from this.

Still, there was something very humorous about seeing their legs pointing up into the air.
And so I grabbed their right leg and left leg respectively.

“Now, let’s start this, you idiots! Give it all you got!”

I swung my newly acquired weapons as I charged into the group of Vampires.

“My special move, the ‘Eltar Crumble!’”
I hit the enemy with Eltar over and over again. Of course, there was no need to hold back. I could hear exclamations of ‘Stop!’ and ‘Aghh!’ but I ignored them. Weapons did not talk.

“‘Great Finsally Tornado!’”
I spun Finsally like a windmill…or the fins of a fan. Gon-gon-gon… I heard the sounds of impact. And every time, an enemy went flying into the air. What a good fan.

“Eltar Block!”
‘Give him back!’ someone shouted as they charged towards me. And so I blocked them with my Eltar.
I heard a ‘Gaah!’ from somewhere, which was strange. Shields didn’t talk.

“And the ‘Finsally Return!’
I slammed the Finsally into the enemy. He let out a satisfying ‘Gblegh!’ as he went flying away.

“And my most deadly move, ‘Couple’s Last Coaction’!”
I rotated both arms at the same time like wheels and trampled over the enemies in the area.
Perhaps my weapons were especially good, or maybe it was my spinning, but by the time I was done, there was not a single person left standing.

“Now the finisher. ‘Couple Master’!”
As if beating a drum, I slammed the enemies on the ground with my two weapons.
Hit and hit. It was hard to think that I could hit something more than I was hitting them now.

In fact, I was having so much fun doing this, that I probably shouted ‘Hyaahh!’ a few times.
It was just as I had lost track of time…

General Farneze was clawing at my waist and shouting, ‘Please, just stop this already!’

As for the other Ogres…they were nowhere to be seen.

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    • Of course they’re weak. They’ve been mostly getting by on just the virtue of being born as high-ranking monsters and they are also just mere guards that have done nothing more than patrolling a peaceful town not hardened soldiers fighting on the frontlines.

  1. You have defeated 8 enemies!
    You have received 837 xp
    ~LVL UP!~
    Your Eltar proficiency has gone up by 3
    Your Finsally proficiency has gone up by 2

  2. If this were some other series, Golan would have done nothing and just let them yell at him before giving some inspirational speech or whatever that would calm the others down. It’s good to see he just beat the shit out of them and knock them down a few pegs.

    It’s also kinda cute that Farneze is basically clinging to his waist trying to stop him. Maybe she just wanted an excuse to cling to her husbando >.> Anyways this is the first time she’s ever seen Golan act like this. Now she knows why all the other ogre are scared of him.

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