Makai Hongi – 130

Chapter 130

○ Town of Elstabia – Farneze

Golan and the corps of two hundred men have just departed.
As this town is right by the border, they should reach Demon King Tralzard’s lands before long.

It had been arranged so that once they arrive, the other corps in this exchange will be sent to us.
The long awaited reinforcements.

However, I currently have the worst headache.
As they were just about to leave, I didn’t ask Golan too many questions.
It seemed that it would be better that way.

However, after Golan took his men and casually left the town, I was assaulted by glares that were clearly demanding that I give an explanation.

“I guess it cannot be ignored.”

The people that worked in the mansion, the people who guarded the town, my direct subordinates. Their looks were painful.
You are going to give us a satisfying explanation, aren’t you? They seemed to say.

—But it had all been so wrong to begin with.

As soon as Goran arrived, his Adjutant, Rig, had handed me a list of the enlisted.
I had to immediately add them to the document that was to be given to General Miralda.

This was important, as we could not allow anyone who was not on the list to cross the border.
However, it was as I was writing them down that I heard the sounds of destruction.

I frantically dashed out of my study, only to find that my mansion’s door had been smashed, and a young Vampire was lying on the ground with a stupid look on his face.

“What’s happening?!”

I shouted. But the answer was obvious.
There was an Ogre youth going mad outside.
I didn’t want to think about what he had done.

However, was it really possible for an Ogre to beat a Vampire like that?

We Vampires were among the high-ranking races. Though, to be precise, we were among the lowest of the high-rankers.
That would put us on a similar level to Reapers. But most people thought of Vampires as being just a little higher than them.

That was our classification. But this was just based on the mana levels of those who were considered to be the most ‘average.’

Ogres were near the bottom of the ‘mid-rankers.’ Or perhaps near the top of those at the bottom.
Many of the low-rankers were not fit for combat, and so it felt odd to put Ogres there. However, Ogres had a weakness that made you want to rate them lowly.

Ogres could not use magic, and were weak against magic attacks.
This handicap seemed like a good enough justification for their low placing.

But there were others with similar weaknesses. For instance, the Sahuagin were only half as strong when they came up onto dry land. This placed them a rank lower than you might think, based off of their mana level.

Well, nevermind those details. It just meant that there was an insurmountable wall between Ogres and Vampires.

So, what had happened?
“Was it merely a battle between the weakest Vampire and the strongest Ogre…?”

These two could have been so far from the average. And it was a chance encounter. It would explain the outcome…perhaps. However…

“Golan on the other hand. There is no explanation for that.”

Could a young Ogre really overwhelm Vampire guards?
This was an entirely different situation.

These weren’t young shut-ins.
They weren’t low-ranking, green, brats who had never fought. They were soldiers who had gone through proper training. There was no way that he could win…

“What if…they held back because Golan had two of their own in his hands?”

It sounded so ridiculous when said out loud. But it was true that none had been able to unleash a serious attack.
One Vampire had tried, but Golan blocked him.

“And that destructive power.”

Eltar and Finsally weren’t dead after being used as weapons.
Yes, they were still alive.

They weren’t fine. They weren’t merely badly wounded. There wasn’t much to say other than that they were alive. And that was strange as well. After all, Golan had swung them around as weapons over a hundred times.

However, there was one thing to consider. Vampires had immense mana, and they could use it to strengthen their bodies.
What happened to their bodies. How was it possible?

For instance, let’s say that they ran at a speed that the eye couldn’t follow, and they crashed into each other.
The impact would be very great indeed.

However, the Vampire would not be harmed at all.
That’s how tough they were.

Golan had hit the fallen soldiers over and over and over again.
And so I could understand that there may be dislocations or even some broken bones.

“But they were…more like jellyfish.”

Golan had used them until they no longer functioned as weapons.
They would not be able to return to being soldiers now.

Perhaps this was because our country had known peace for too long.
In spite of all that training, they had not actually gone to war.

In other words, their arrogance had been their downfall… I would have to make the others understand this.

“Either that, or the Ogres have a hidden power?”

But Ogres were low in every country they lived in.
After all, they could be taken down with one good shot of magic. No one was foolish enough to enter a fist fight with them.

Perhaps that was why they often disappeared on the battlefield, before they were able to show their true power.

“General! A messenger has arrived from the royal castle!”

I had been sitting in my office, lost in my own thoughts, not realizing how much time had passed.

“A messenger?”
I called towards the door.

“They say it is an emergency.”
“Very well. I’ll meet them at once.”

If it was from the castle, then it must be Atrasushia.
And so I shook my head and got up to my feet.

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  1. Farneze should have just claimed that they’re unique origin types or whatever the term was. Most of the people complaining would accept anything if the others are origin types. Like they are too proud and can’t accept they got the shit beat out of them by random ogres but if it’s suddenly claimed that they’re actually special variants then they are more likely to accept the fact they got their asses kicked and Farneze can ignore the matter.

    I wonder what this messenger has to say that is an emergency? Have some of the invading Lesser Demon Kings reached the capital or have their armies met up to become a larger force? Has Nehyor shown up to do something or he’s randomly taken out a Lesser Demon King that may or may not be one of the ones invading the country?

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