Makai Hongi – 243

Chapter 243

Saifo and Beka, also known as the idiot siblings, had challenged me.
Which to put it simply, was business as usual.

While we could have just had a little scuffle and ended it, all three of us had now evolved into Origins.
And so I couldn’t be blamed for wanting to see just how strong they had become…right?

“Besides, it now involves a plan. So it’s two birds with one stone.”
As I dodged Saifo’s swings, I started to think that the time was right.

I looked at the trail behind him. The ground had been cleared neatly of trees.
“Alright, now I fight back.”

I blocked his attack with the hexagonal club and pushed.
Saifo was thrown back.

Just as I thought. I was still the stronger one.
Then I charged both of my arms with mana and attacked.

As Saifo and I continued to trade blows, the trees around us fell into a horrible state.
No, it wasn’t just the trees.

A great hole had appeared in the ground, and boulders were flying into the air.
Anyone who was hit in the head by those boulders would die.

“I see. I’m going to have to be really careful when I fight you from now on.”
It was a good thing that we had left the camp. Had we stayed in that confined place, there would be casualties.

Now, as for this fight.
It would have looked like a stalemate.

However, I had evolved first. And I was likely above him in ability.
While Saifo was desperate, I had yet to go all out.

And so I was able to notice that Beka was slowly approaching me.

“I got you!”
“No you haven’t!”

Beka tried to attack me with a smug exclamation, and so I unleashed a kick as if I was a horse.

It went straight to her jaw, and she went flying, far…

No, she didn’t.
She had tangled her legs around me and braved it. That showed that she had grown as well.

As I was momentarily distracted with Beka, Saifo regained his fervor.

He was spinning his weapon like it was a fan, which was not how clubs were meant to be used.

However, the speed was something to behold.
If you got hit once, it would be difficult to not get hit by a chain of attacks.

Also, he had no openings, and so I could not get close.
Saifo too must have gone through fierce battles while I was gone.

He had overcome something too agonizing for a mere Ogre.
“Still, I cannot let you defeat me.”

I had come out here to fight them both at the same time, and so I couldn’t be knocked down so soon.
I charged my entire body with mana and began to strike back in earnest.

There isn’t much to say about what happened after that.
To be frank, the vicious attacks of the idiot siblings were incredible.

Their attacks were so strong that I thought they could easily beat your average Corps Commander.
Not only that, but because they had fought against me for so long, their sensibilities in battle had been greatly polished.

And the fact that they had continued to defeat those who were above them would have also had an affect.
Especially since they had evolved into Origins.

If we continued to fight like this, it might end up like one of those famous scenes, where I cry and tell them how strong they’ve become.
…However, that wouldn’t happen this time.

For a split second there was an opening, and I pressed in. And then it was attack, attack, attack.


I let them taste plenty of pain.
Yes, it was quite different when you were tougher.

Then I rolled them up like trash and kicked them down the slope.


Saifo and Beka held onto each other as they rolled down the mountain.
Mission accomplished. The mock battle was now finished. Though it had easily exceeded any definition of a mock battle.

The two were probably at the bottom of the mountain now, with their heads spinning.
I wasn’t sure if they’d be able to return to the camp by themselves.

Well, if they couldn’t move, someone would come for them.
But I didn’t care, their job was done.

I sat down on a nearby rock and waited quietly.
And from there, I searched for a nearby presence.

(Hmm. There’s no one)

If Kyuka’s scouts would make contact, it would be a great advantage. That’s what I had thought, but apparently, it wasn’t going to be so easy.
I guess I’d have to wait for the next opportunity then.

“Shit, those guys. I’ll kill them the next time I see them!!”

I shouted at the top of my lungs.
Did they hear that? They did, right? I wasn’t sure.

I wanted to make it look like I had quarrelled with the idiot siblings, and we had fallen out completely.
If Kyuka’s scouts had seen this, they would likely make a report.

After all, we had wreaked havoc on this mountain.
Both camps would have heard the vicious sounds of battle and seen the dust rise into the air.

“Destruction of the environment.”
The place was completely devastated.

I looked towards General Farneze’s camp.
I had to move while staying away from it.

However, it would not be good to go close to Kyuka’s camp either.

(Maybe I’ll return after taking a long detour.)

It would be quite troublesome to go far out enough so that the scouts lost me, but it couldn’t be helped.
And so I descended the mountain while keeping my distance from both camps.

“Still, those two have really gotten stronger.”
And not just the idiot siblings, but me as well.

What if this was really the dawn of the Age of Ogres?

No, surely not.

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  1. If it became the Age of Ogres then it’d probably just become all End of Century-like. I could totally see Golan going all “Omae wa mou shinderu.”

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