Cave King – 66

Chapter 66 – We departed!


“Alright, we’ll start from this position.”


When I turned around, Fule and Taran nodded.


It was decided that from today, we would start digging to a specific point.


And that place was the ancient city that lay under this cave.

The place with the device that controlled the Golems.


If we wanted to continue to mine in safety, then it was necessary that we be able to control the hostile Golems.


Furthermore, having access to these control devices meant that we would be able to unfreeze the physical bodies of Shiel and the people of the ancient city.


And so the people that would be digging towards it…would be a team of the best miners, Fule, Taran, and I.


“I’m counting on you, Taran and Fule. Make sure that the walls and floors are smooth and clean so they will be easy for us to move back and forth.”


The three of us stood lined up as we got ready to dig in a downward spiral.


When we did this, I intended for there to be a smooth slope along with the stairs.


Fule looked very confident as she replied.


“Leave it to me, Lord Heal! And it seems like Shiel and Mappa are ready as well.”


Behind her, Shiel and the other slimes stretched their bodies in reply.

And next to them, Mappa and the other blacksmith monsters waved their hands.


As we created the path, Shiel and Mappa would start construction on the iron tracks for the carriage.


As for these iron tracks…we decided to call them the ‘railway.’

This railway would make moving to the surface incredibly quick.


Furthermore, Mappa would install pipes for ventilation and for water.


“Thank you, Mappa. And the rest of you.”


Mappa slapped his chest as if to say, ‘leave it to me.’ And the monsters chanted ‘aye’ in reply.


Besides them, Number 15, the Mythril Golem, was holding a giant shield as it stood behind us.


This was so it could protect everyone in case something happened.


“Alright… Let’s start digging then!”



I shouted, and they shouted back.


I was in the center, Fule and Taran were on my right and left. And then our pickaxes swung down.


This time, it wasn’t a competition, but a team effort.

Our feet were in a straight line as we dug out a beautiful path.


I swung my pickaxe.

This was all for Shiel and the people of the ancient city. And for our own safety…


However, I did have one other reason.


Well, there was one thing I was looking forward to.

The ruins and artifacts that we would find there.

Not because I wanted them for my own, but for the joy of discovery.


Of course, Shiel seemed like she didn’t mind what we did with what we found… Well, I would just have to ask her if I wasn’t sure what to do.


Regardless, the digging went smoothly, as if we were of one mind.


And behind us, I could hear the loud clangs of hammers echoing in the cave.


We couldn’t let them catch up… Such thoughts would just make our work suffer.


Fule turned to me and said,


“Are you worried about the surface?”

“Yeah… I’m wondering if my father will hear…”


Yes, it was worrying me.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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  1. When you think about it, his crest is cave king and even if it is only a crest of the king of caves, a king is still a king

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