Realist Demon King – 94

Demon King Zagam, Defeated


There was a reason that I separated my troops into three.


I intended on defeating Demon King Zagam within three days, but I didn’t think that was enough to deal with Jochi’s powerful cavalry.


And so I wanted to form a good defensive position before he arrived.


“Defensive position?”


Eve asked.


“Aye. Like digging trenches and building walls so that his riders will not be able to charge into us. Furthermore, I will position my spearmen there and create an iron wall of defense.”

“That would be a good measure against riders. But the enemy will also have archers. Will it really be that effective?”


“Yes, it will. I will ensure that it is.”


“I am also not sure if the enemy will be lured in so easily. Maybe they will see your iron defense and draw back.”


“Don’t worry. I intend on finishing this battle right here.”


“Of course, I am not doubting that you will be victorious, master. I will begin preparations at once.”


Eve said. And then she gave the orders for the soldiers to separate into groups.


Fuma Kotaro would lead a team of ninjas that included Hanzo. They would use the confusion and try and take Zagam’s head.


Hijikata would lead three hundred soldiers and create that confusion.

I would lead the rest of the soldiers and prepare the defenses.

That was the plan.

They would carry it out faithfully.

As for the construction work, that would mostly be done by the trolls and larger monsters.

They could carry the materials with ease.


If Gottlieb were here, he would have been able to create an impressive moat. But I had to leave it to Eve instead.


She bowed her head, showing the white brim that was the symbol of maids.

Her appearance did not seem very fit for a battlefield, but I was used to seeing her like this.

In the meantime, I gave the order to Toshizou, who was behind me.


“Your role is to confuse the enemy. I want you to smash their formation.”


“And how can I do that?”


“Spear them through the middle.”


“That would break our formation as well.”


“Still, it must be done. We need chaos.”


It was not possible for us to maintain a perfect formation while scattering the enemy. That would be much too convenient.


And due to this chaos, I foresaw that we would take damage as well.

Toshizou smiled upon hearing this.


“I had a reputation as an instigator in Tama, Japan. And I love a chaotic battle.”


And so he went about it happily.

When I saw him, I became certain of our victory.

At the very least, we would definitely have Zagam’s head before the three days were over.

That’s what I thought.

And it soon became a reality.

On the second day of the chaotic battle started by Toshizou, a great change came over the field.

The enemy army had been very strong, but their hold had clearly begun to weaken.


The moment that Toshizou took the head of Demon King Zagam’s aid, the gargoyle commander, the balance of power crumbled. 


I saw this as a great opportunity, and so I called Saint Jeanne, who I had been saving.


“Jeanne. Use your holy blade to cut open a path of blood.”


Without hesitation, she unsheathed the holy sword and charged out into the field.


In a one on one battle, Toshizou was stronger, but Jeanne had the advantage when facing a large group of enemies.


The Legendary Rebuilding of a World by a Realist Demon King

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