Cave King – 65

Chapter 65 – We were discovered!!


“Are you okay…?”


I asked. A part of Shiel’s body extended like a hand and waved.


I had cast healing magic on Shiel as soon as she had spread out over the table.

Apparently, the magic depletion had been pretty bad.


Currently…we were both at the hot spring, just like always.


“Maybe you should get some rest…?”


Shiel’s body shook and then she began to scrub my back.


I had had a conversation with Baris and Rienna about back scrubbing before, and it ended with us all agreeing that it was best that Shiel did it.


So, that’s why she was with me now…but…


It was because of today’s events that this familiar ritual now felt quite embarrassing.


She had been so beautiful…


I thought back on the woman with long golden hair in front of the gravestone.


Yes, I had seen many beautiful women and men back at the palace.

However, the way she carried herself, the way she spoke… All of it had felt divine.


And now a slime that carried her soul was washing my back…


According to Shiela, this slime had its own soul within its body as well.




I said. And then Shiel twisted its body as if puzzled.

As always, the slime was cute and innocent.


“No-nothing. Thank you.”


Shiel shook vertically and then continued scrubbing my back.


Well, as long as Shiel didn’t mind… Still, was it just me, or was the scrubbing a little more thorough than usual? Especially around my waist and face…

No, it was probably just me…


That night, I slept with Shiel, which I hadn’t done for a while.


And that resulted in a soothing dream…


But when I woke up the next morning, my ears were filled with the ringing of a bell.


This was the alarm bell that had been installed in the cave. It was supposed to tell us that someone was coming from the sea.


And so I exited my bedroom in the cave and headed towards the beach.


Armed monsters and Golems had already gathered around.


And what I saw…was a single ship in the distance.


What? Had Kamyu returned so soon…?


No, it hadn’t even been a week yet. Besides, Kamyu’s ship didn’t have flags.


But this ship had great flags raised on its stern and its mast.


Was it the royal flag…? No, I couldn’t tell from this distance. I had to get closer…


“Lord Heal. I will carry you to the tower! That is where Erevan is!”

“Oh, uh, thank you!”


Baris came up from behind and grabbed me before rising high up into the air.


While I did not care for heights, this was not the time to complain about such things.


Once we arrived at the top of the tower, Baris let me down.


It was here that Erevan waitied, axe in hand.


“Chief. I’m sorry that your sleep was disturbed. But it is quite clear that that is not Kamyu’s ship.”

“Aye. It’s smaller than Kamyu’s ship…and that flag…”


I knew all of the flags for the countries of the Barleon continent, where Sanfaris was located.

And I knew most of the flags for other important countries on other continents as well.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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