Makai Hongi – 30

Chapter 3


As I held my sword ready, the Corps Commander started to lick his lips. There was nothing to do against someone who became happy when you seriously pointed a weapon at them. But I’d wipe that smile off his face.

Even with a weapon in hand, he thought he could take me down and teach me a lesson.


“So, I don’t have to wait anymore, right?”


He smiled. Then his body blurred.

He came at me with a speed that was too quick to react. And before I knew it, he was right in front of me.


Moving while leaving an afterimage behind you. It was something straight out of a comic book.

However, all he had done was move closer, and so I was able to deal with it.

Attacks that relied on physical strength alone were simple.




In my previous life, the master of the dojo had made me practice the art of predicting your opponent’s next move.

And so it had been hammered into my body.


Before my senses had even realized that the Corps Commander had moved, my body had reacted.

I guess a leopard can’t change its spots.


What I did in reaction to his attacks was…


…The encounter gauntlet.


It was a move in kendo where you attack a person’s wrist the moment they make a move.

It would be too late if you waited to see it, much less allow it to register.


It was like a counter in boxing.




There was a high-pitched ringing sound as Corps Commander Nehyor’s nails went flying.

I had meant to hit his wrist, but he blocked it.


“Amazing. Very amazing. You can keep up with my speed!”


“It’s more impressive that you dodged me right before I hit you.”

Seriously. How was he so fast?


“Aha. I could tell. If I didn’t move, you would have cut off my hand. But if it’s just my nails…see?”


His nails grew back to their original length, which was about the same as his fingers.

As they had been short before he grew them out, I suppose he was able to make them grow again even if they were cut.


“How dexterous. I suppose your hand would have grown back as well?”

“Hmm. I wouldn’t like that. It would take a while to come back.”


I see. So, a hand would take longer. That meant he couldn’t do it while he was fighting.

“Well, I’m greedy, so I think I’ll take a whole arm.”


“As long as it’s a clean cut. I can just reconnect it later.”


So he could do that as well? With such ridiculous capabilities, I would have to hold the arm after severing it.


But if I cut off both arms, I would have a chance of winning.


“You seem like you just came to a decision?”

“Aye… I have to win soon. Or someone will get in the way.”


“Are you worried that my men will come in? Don’t worry. I told them to stay away.”


That explained everything. He met with me knowing that it would turn into a fight.

I had assumed that he would be unprepared, but I was wrong.


He seemed much more enthusiastic now, and he was even faster than before.

The only reason that I was able to keep up with him, was because of my training.


Also, his attacks were direct and simple.

Even if he moved at a speed that I couldn’t follow, I was able to predict his movements.


And I used feints and pressed in.


“…?! Ah, I see.”

“Huh? What?”


Oh, it was much easier than I thought.

The art of combat was created so the weak could beat the strong. Hmm.


“I see a way to win.”

“Huh. How amusing.”


He seemed to really enjoy a one on one battle… Well, there wasn’t much entertainment to be had in this post-apocalyptic world.


Makai Hongi

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