Makai Hongi – 30


Still, even if no one would interfere, I didn’t want it to drag out too long. It had to end soon.


After all, the Corps Commander was still ‘enjoying’ it.

That meant he wasn’t going all out yet.


It was like a cat playing with a mouse. However, I still had a chance of winning.


“Now it’s my turn to go.”

“By all means. Though, it won’t change anything.”


Yes, it was no use. He was still able to react to all of my attacks so that nothing would reach him.


I had aimed for any opening, but it had no effect.


It didn’t matter if I was using a sword.

Damn it. I really hated these cheat races.


I used the same footwork I had been using to bridge the gap between us. My sword was held straight ahead.


Everything was the same up until this point. But I would change things.

Here, I unleashed three successive thrusts.


He dodged the first, swiped away the second with his nails, and just as he blocked the third, he launched a counterattack.

He was quick to adapt. But…



I aimed for his throat and thrust again. Of course, he tried to block it with his nails again.




I stopped mid-thrust and aimed for his wrist instead.

I knew how it would look. I moved as if my arm and the sword were part of the same machine.


I felt the impact.

The blade pressed into his wrist. I pulled back. And then, just as I had intended, the Corps Commander’s wrist fell to the ground.


But I wouldn’t let it end there. I turned my wrist and swung up again and aimed for his neck.


The Corps Commander moved to stop me with his opposite hand. However, this also was just a feint.

I turned my wrist 180 degrees around. In other words, I wasn’t aiming for his neck, but his arm.


All of this happened in a flash. By using the feint for the first and by forcing him to defend, I was able to get up and close.

Now, it was up to the arm strength of an ogre.


The blade sank into his arm. As expected, it was hard.

The mana inside of his body was strengthening him. But the sharpness of the blade and the strength of my arm would get through it. I would cut it off no matter what. 


And so I swung as if trying to crush stone.




The arm, which was cut at the midway point of his bicep, fell to the floor. I would not miss this opportunity!

I turned my wrist again and slashed at his throat. I had taken his arm. He should not be able to block this.




Before I knew it, a hand was around my throat and I was slammed into the wall behind me.

My sword went flying off.


What had happened? I had taken off a hand and an arm.


“What a surprise. To be honest, I didn’t expect you to get this far. Really.”

His voice sounded strange.


But more importantly, how was he holding my neck? Did it grow back?


“…Are you serious…”


I had lost my weapon and my throat was locked in his grip.

Apparently, I had been defeated.

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