Makai Hongi – 31

Chapter 31


I lost.

Using the feint and cutting off the arm…it was all going well up until that point.


However, I had not expected him to be able to regenerate his arm so quickly. And what the hell was that thing at the end?

I couldn’t see him move at all.


In other words, he had never really gone all out. He was just using a little of his power. That’s all it was.

It could not be helped. I was being strangled now. There was no chance for me to turn things around. I had to admit it.


“…You defeated me.”

I said. And he released my neck.


“You were quite amazing, Golan. I am very surprised. I really mean it. No one has pushed me this far in hundreds of years.”


“And yet, it appears as if you were holding back.”

“Huh? Why are you talking like that again?”


“I was defeated.”

“Hmm. Oh, well. But you weren’t going all out either. Were you Golan?”


“May I ask what gave you that impression?”

I was going pretty hard.


“As I said, I saw the Taiga corpse. The metal rods that were in its forehead.”



“The Taigas tear their enemies apart with claws and fangs. But they are quite strong in terms of defense as well. Their foreheads are known to be especially tough. I am quite sure that even I wouldn’t have been able to stick a rod into it.”




Even though they mainly used magic, vampires were all physically strong.

And yet he wouldn’t have been able to pierce its head? I thought it quite strange. But perhaps it had to do with speed and the amount of pressure that was distributed.

Also, the angle in which you thrust.


The other me was able to copy my movements.

Basically, it would have been difficult to accomplish it by strength alone.


As I had gone silent, the Corps Commander said, ‘So, we’re even now.’ He seemed rather pleased.

I had not intended to hide some trump card. I just knew that going all out and relying on strength alone wouldn’t serve me here.


“While I did win, I think the results suggest that it’s a tie. After all, I took more damage.”

An arm and hand were on the floor.


“Still, I was defeated.”

“Yes. I know. Let’s talk terms then.”



“I will allow you to take in the Reapers. I’ll tell the General about it for you as well. On the other hand, you must figure a way out of this. Because if things remain the same, Lesser Demon King Fara will swallow up this country.”


I nodded.


“This is not just about the Reapers. This country will not be conquered by anyone. In other words, Fara must be defeated. And you Golan, must find a way to do it.”


“…Why me?”

“Because you think differently. What I was thinking of, was a way to swallow up the surrounding countries in order to face him. But this goes against the king’s will. And so you must think of something else.”


Alright? These are the terms, so you must honor them. He pressed.

I could do nothing but nod. After all, I had lost.


“Now, I must have someone clean this up. Milhe, are you there?”


The Corpse Commander shouted. And then a vampire youth entered.

He was probably an aide.


“Clean up this room.”



Milhe saw the arm and hand on the floor and froze.



Makai Hongi

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