Cave King – 151

Chapter 151 – The bees were dancing!

The day after Elto and Roydon left for the Elto continent, there was an incident on the island.

A swarm of bees had suddenly appeared.

But they weren’t just any bees. These were the size of large dogs.

However, in spite of their appearance, the bees were very calm. While they were buzzing around the island without permission, they had yet to sting anyone.

They were a little smaller than the giant bee, Heath, who had come before them.
What if they were…

Rienna looked at the bees and said,

“Perhaps they are Heath’s children.”
“Now that I think of it, a hive was made in the World Tree.”

Heath had come to this island around the time that the walls were built.

The trunk of the World Tree was sweet, and her desire for it had brought her here.
And so a hive had been made for her inside of it.

The last time I had checked, there were about ten eggs inside.
Currently, I could see close to twenty bees. But Heath’s stomach had been quite large, so it wasn’t really surprising.

Those eggs must have hatched.

“I was surprised since they seemed to have just appeared out of nowhere, but at least it looks like Heath is teaching them properly.”

Heath herself never caused any trouble, but just stayed quietly by the World Tree.
She must have taught her children so that they didn’t hurt anyone.

“Yes. Besides, now that they’ve come down, the island is filled with a very sweet scent…”

As Rienna said, a sweet smell had been wafting throughout the island since this morning.

“Yes, it’s very nice. But I wonder why only the children have come down?”
“Perhaps they came down to introduce themselves. Besides, things are more lively down here.”
“That’s true… Hey, Rienna. I just thought of something.”

I said, and Rienna nodded.

“I was thinking about the same thing. With this smell…”
“I thought you would. Yes, their honey…it will definitely be delicious.”
“Yes! Not only in cooking, but I think it will go well with tea.”
“As they eat the sap from the World Tree…there is no way that it won’t go well with tea made from the World Tree’s leaves. I think I might go and ask.”

That being said, we would need a lot if we wanted to sell it.
We would want enough to open a store on the island.

And so we headed to the top of the World Tree.

“Woah…the smell is even stronger up here…”
“Yes. I didn’t expect it to be so… Ah, Lord Heal. Here.”

Rienna handed me a mask.

“That’s right… Thank you, Rienna.”
“Not at all. It would be quite frightening to be under its effect again…”

The last time that we inhaled the powder that came from the World Tree, we were both no longer ourselves.
We would dance and confess our love…

However, either we had become accustomed to it or the World Tree’s powder had somehow changed, because it hadn’t happened to us since then.
But the smell was so strong now, that it almost felt dangerous.
And so we decided to be cautious.

“The hive is just a little farther up ahead… Hmm? Oh, hey! Heath!”

I saw that Heath was nearby, dancing while shaking her hips.

There was a feeling of madness in the dance…clearly, something was wrong.

And so Rienna and I rushed towards her and used healing magic.

“Heath! Hey, Heath! Hang in there!”

Upon hearing my words, Heath turned her head towards me as she continued the dance of madness.

I saw that her face was red and her eyes were moving in odd directions.

“They are the same symptoms that Mister Mappa once had.”

Rienna was right. She had that same slack-jawed face that Mappa had when he got caught by the World Tree.

“Could it be that she drank too much of the World Tree’s sap…and is now drunk?”

But it wasn’t just that. She was moving her wings quickly as if to the beat of some music that I couldn’t hear.

“…In-in any case, water. Heath. Can you drink?”

And so I used water magic to pour water into Heath’s mouth.

After a while, Heath’s face returned to its usual, serious expression.

“Are you alright, Heath? Maybe you shouldn’t be licking the World Tree so much.”

Heath bowed her head apologetically.

I had come up here in order to ask for some honey, but it seemed like a bad idea for everyone to eat it now…
Well, maybe it could be diluted.

Rienna said,

“That’s a good idea. I have also asked Miss Kamyu to get some flower seeds when she visits the east continent. I will make them grow quickly, and then we can balance it out by having them acquire nectar from the flowers as well.”

Heath looked very ashamed as she lowered her head.

However, just then, we heard a loud buzzing echo over our heads.

It was much louder than the buzz made by Heath and the other bees that were here. It sounded like it was filling up the sky.

And so I looked out to the sea.

Near the horizon…I could see a bee.

Uh, it’s right in front of me? …No, that’s not it!

The bee in my vision was approaching us at a tremendous speed, and it became larger by the second.

A black bee that was huge like a mountain was coming towards this island.

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