Cave King – 152

Chapter 152 – Things became very bad!

“What the hell is that bee!?”

I noticed that it grew bigger every time I blinked my eyes.

I could only compare it to the Mappa Golem now, but it was about the same size.

“He-Heath. Do you know it?”

But Heath’s cheeks flushed red and she shook her head in denial.

“I-I see. You don’t know…”

…Was she telling the truth?
I wasn’t sure. Somehow, it seemed like this might be related to Heath’s dancing.

Rienna turned to me with a look of concern.

“Lord Heal. What should we do? Should we just welcome it to the island?”
“…I’ll ask Heath. Heath. Would it be safe to let it come into the island?”

Heath shook her head.
However, it seemed like it was about her not wanting to meet it, then about safety.

“…In any case, I’m going to go to the tower.”
“I will go with you. Ah, it seems like Heath will take us there!”
“Huh? …Oh, uh, thanks.”

This was no time to complain about heights.

And so we allowed Heath to pick us up and fly towards the tower.

…I guess I’ll just close my eyes until we get there.
No, closing my eyes just made it worse. That being said, keeping them open was still bad.

And so I ended up blinking rapidly. Rienna started to look worried.

“Lord Heal. Are you alright?”
“Ah, yes. I’m fine…”

Rienna squeezed my hand.

I felt ashamed…however, we were already there.

Heath eeached the tower and let us down.

Erevan was already standing there with an axe in his hand.

“Bah! Even more giant bees! Heath…is it a friend of yours?”

Once again, Heath shook her head as if she was embarrassed.

Rienna watched her and muttered,

“Heath. Are you…embarrassed about something?”

Heath shook her head frantically.

No, she definitely was…
Was it a former lover… In any case, I was now certain that this bee was related to Heath.

“Heath… For now, just tell us what we need to do. Should we allow it to come to this island?”

I asked. Heath suddenly seemed to snap out of it, and she nodded.

“Fine. Erevan, tell the others that they must not attack it.”
“Understood. Well, I doubt that our ballista could even get through something that large… After all, that thing is bigger than the Mappa Golem.”

The bee was huge.
And as Erevan said, it was about as long as the Mappa Golem, but probably wider.

It seemed like the Mappa Golem understood our intentions, and it spread out its arms in a welcoming gesture towards the bee.

Erevan looked a little put off.

“It-it’s not going to try and hug the bee, is it?”
“Well, the bee will probably ignore it. See…huh?”

The bee did pass the Mappa Golem. And I had assumed that it would continue to fly towards us.

However, it quickly turned around and moved towards the Mappa Golem’s buttocks…


The Mappa Golem was stung, and a deafening cry echoed throughout the island.

What was this… I felt like I had seen this before.

When I looked down from the tower, I could see that Mappa was covering his face with embarrassment.

Yes, Mappa had also been stung when Heath came…

The Mappa Golem created a huge splash as it fell into the sea and sank beneath the surface.

“Uh, is that its way of greeting people?”

Rienna muttered. It was rare to see disgust on her face.

“Well, perhaps it’s attracted to anything rounded… No, something seems to be wrong?”

Heath also seemed to squint as she looked. And then she looked very surprised.

She also sensed that the giant bee had undergone a change.

Something that looked like black tentacles were writhing in the stomach of the giant bee. And I could detect powerful magic coming from the tentacles.

The bee turned towards us once again, and flew at a maddening speed as it charged.

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  1. [Heath eeached the tower] -> {Heath reached the tower}

    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! May God bless you!

  2. The bee is the size of that giant Mappa statue? That’s friggin’ huge.

    So did Heath accidentally do some sort of mating dance when she overdosed on World Tree sap that called the giant bee? She seems very embarrassed about saying what might have brought the giant bee over and we have seen previously how too much World Tree powder made Heal and Rienna confess their love for each other.

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