Makai Hongi – 97

Chapter 97

We made it through the night and it was now midday.
But we were at a loss.

I had a general idea of where we were, and knew which direction we should head.
However, we could not go in the direction that we wanted to. Enemy scouts were crawling all over the place.

“They sure are quick to react. And they’re well trained.”

In any case, we had to go even deeper into Fara’s territories in order to avoid being discovered by the enemy.
But I was getting worried about how far we were going.

“…Let’s stop here and rest.”

We gathered under the shadow of a large boulder and rested.
Once we had caught our breath, we’d think about what to do next.

“There’s something I want to ask you. Why do you think they sent soldiers from the nearby town, and not just the fortresses?”

We only attacked two fortresses.
And so I had assumed the other fortresses in the area would send scouts to find out what happened.
But things turned out quite different.

Reinforcements had immediately been sent from the town.
Sensing the danger, we tried to escape into Leninoth’s territory, but there were too many eyes near the fortress now, and more soldiers were appearing in the area.

“You said that you heard the beating of wings during the attack. I would assume that they went and told the town.”

“Well, that’s obvious. But would they really react so quickly? They wouldn’t have been able to move in the morning unless they were preparing in the middle of the night.”

“I can’t say for sure…”
Even Rig was uncertain.

As the battalion was now looking for us, we had nowhere to run.
They were being so thorough that one might wonder if they had been ordered to search through every blade of grass in order to find us.

Of course, we were forced to move away from the town and fortresses, and move in deeper.

“Well, Leninoth’s lands are vast. Perhaps we can just go around and return…”
Our goal was to bring the enemy close to the border.

“If this was going to happen, wouldn’t it have been better to just attack some random Leninoth town or fortress?”

Saifo started to say.
The idea had flashed in my mind. However, there was a fatal flaw to that idea.

“My men are Ogres and Reapers. People will know that it was us immediately if we attacked one of Leninoth’s towns.”

We had already destroyed two fortresses. And killed a Commander as well.
The enemy would not mistake us for someone else.

After the war, they would have a good idea of how many soldiers we have. In that case, they would not bother to send someone who has the rank of Lesser Demon King.
Our plan would not work unless it had an impact. Something on the level of an invasion from Fara.

“It will all be over if they see us as so weak that some local battalion can take care of us.”
After saying this, Saifo muttered understandingly, ‘being weak is pretty sad.’
Recently, Saifo seemed more philosophical than usual. Was he getting tired of life?

“Now, that’s enough hypothesizing. What do you think we should do?”
It was good that we had lured out Fara’s men, but now we had nowhere to run.

“I don’t think we have any choice but to wait for night and escape under cover of darkness.”
“Rig is right. However, can we even stay hidden until night?”
That was the problem.

“Why? Why can’t we just go inside the forest?”
Beka asked with a puzzled expression.

“Call it farsight. A lot of Tree Spirits and Fairies came out of the towns. I don’t think we could fool them if we entered the forests.”

In the first place, we had never intended on going this deep inside.

“And if we go deeper?”
“Our goal was for Fara’s men to be seen by Leninoth’s men. If we move too far from the border, there will be no point in us even being here.”

“Oh, right… Then we should just stomp all over the enemy here and go home.”
“You idiot!”

I wasn’t surprised that he would say that in the end.
It’s the conclusion that most Ogres would reach.

“I want to choose the safest option that is possible. It only has to be until General Farneze defeats Leninoth. We would have succeeded as long as they know about what is happening here, and Leninoth sends out his army.”

It was General Farneze that we were talking about. Even after escaping, she would be able to shake off pursuers.

“Then shouldn’t we hurry to Leninoth’s territories?”
“That’s true. But it’s dangerous…”

If we moved now, we would be discovered in less than an hour.
But I was starting to think the results would be the same if we waited.

“We’ll be fine because we have you, Golan. I’m telling you, we have no choice but to go!”
“Exactly. We’re in a war. You can’t be so focused on safety. You’re being delusional.”

Saifo and Beka said.
The other Ogres were nodding.

“You two…you just want to fight!”

“Is it that obvious?”
“You sure are sharp, Golan.”

I knew it!”
Fighting was all they ever wanted to do.

Still, we were just prolonging our fate by staying here.
It was not as if I could think of something that would turn the tide.

“We have no choice. We’ll pass the forest and fortress and go to Leninoth’s territory.”

Part of me felt like I had been coaxed by Saifo and Beka, but I wanted to believe that it was the right decision.

And so we pulled the hoods over our heads and entered the forest.
We were headed towards the border.

“…Of course, this would happen!”

But we were seen almost immediately, and ended up having to make a run for it.

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