Two Saints – 119

Seeing a tourist attraction or being the tourist attraction

Upon seeing this sight, an elf that had been carrying a box quickly rushed towards them.

“Did something happen? It seems like the producers are very excited.”

This elf was especially tall, and had eyes that were deep green like the forest.

“Hey, Yowl, what’s happening? We don’t understand the way that they think. I don’t believe they will become hostile, but I’ve never seen them in such numbers before.”
“What? That’s what I want to ask, Hou. After all, the usually hardworking producers have abandoned their job in order to come here in large numbers.”
“So then it must be…”

Hou looked at Maki and Chiharu with a suspicious expression.

“The two Saintesses are the reason.”

Well, it was not really a surprise.

“Uh, but we didn’t attract so many things like this in the human and dwarf lands, okay?”

Maki insisted.

“It’s only in the elf lands that so many creatures have gathered like this.”

Hmm? Is that all he has to say? But while Maki was making excuses to Hou, Chiharu was being surrounded by bees.

“Woah, Chiharu. Damn it.”

Maki was past being surprised or even scared. She waded through the bees.

“Yes, sorry, moving through.”

What are you doing? Oh, it’s a Saintess. It’s another Saintess.

“Another Saintess? What?”

Maki was a little disappointed when she sensed what they were thinking.

They are so small. The Saintesses are small. That was what the bees were saying.
Maki wanted to say that they were the ones that were big. Especially their wings, which sent a cool breeze towards them. They were also surprisingly quiet.

Go and tell mother. Tell her that the Saintesses are small. Okay.

“Hey, wait a minute. What’s the point in telling that to the queen? Hey!”

After the bees had a little conversation, some of them flew off into the forest.

“Do you think the queen bee is going to come out now?”

Mother won’t come out. She is busy taking care of the small ones. That’s very important.

“That’s true.”

While it looked like Maki was just talking to herself, Yowl explained to the others what was happening.

Why haven’t you two been raised properly? What have the humans done to you?

Maki heard Aaron burst into laughter.

“No, we are just like this. We’re adults.”

Oh. Oh. At this size. Adult. The bees started to fly in a circle around Maki and Chiharu.

“Hey. We came here to sightsee. But now we’re the attraction.”
“That’s a good one, Maki.”

Chiharu chuckled. She now had one bee on her left shoulder and another on her head. Apparently, she already felt quite comfortable around them. Maki looked exasperated, but it was then that a bee landed on her shoulder as well. Its legs were on her shoulder, and its hands were on Maki’s head.

Okay. You should move in that direction.

“What are you, a navigator?”

Maki blurted out.

“Well, we should move as planned then. Let’s go to their nest.”

Said the fifth princess in a calm voice. As for the first princess? She was chatting excitedly as she tried to touch the bee that was stuck to Chiharu. Ah. Uh. Everyone averted their eyes.

After that, they got on the carriage as planned and headed to the forest. When looked at closely, the large honey bees were covered in fine hairs. They had compound eyes that reflected the sunlight and beautiful striped patterns on their stomachs.

Before they knew it, the bees were not on just their shoulders, but also their laps. There was even one who was riding on Aaron’s shoulder as he sat there seriously.

“I have to focus on security, and must decline.”

Hou said with a stern face. Everyone else was covered in bees. Eventually they entered a narrow road that led to an especially large tree. It was so big that ten people would still not be enough to wrap their arms around it. And when you looked up, you could not see the top. There were several holes within the trunk that looked like they would barely allow someone to squeeze through.

This is our home. The bees said proudly. And then they flew up all at once.

I want to show you inside. There are lots of little babies. However, it’s too hot for people to come inside. So you will have to look from here.

“We do have people go inside to accept the honey. But only a few are permitted. I’m sorry.”

Explained Yowl.

“It’s perfectly fine. But this is such a large tree. Is this the entire nest?”

Maki asked. Yes. She heard the bees answer.

“This tree is still alive. They are very good at using the hollowed out space within.”

Yowl said proudly.

Just then, an elf slid out from the entrance. He was holding a small wooden bucket in his hand.

A gift from the queen. A gift. The bees became so excited that their wings beat louder.

“They want you to take it.”

The elf’s hands shook a little as he offered them the bucket. It was filled with a thick, milky white liquid.

“She said that you should lick it a little every day. Then you will grow up properly.”
“What? We’re already grown. If anything, we can only grow horizontally now!”

Maki protested. The other elves gathered around the bucket.

“This precious…”
“It’s royal jelly.”

Just then, an especially large honey bee flew out of the tree.

Older sister. Older sister. They could hear the bees murmur.

I see. I see. The bee flew in circles around Maki and Chiharu. Then it said,

It was just as mother said. There is something that you two are missing in order to live in this world. You will get it eventually if you continue to eat and drink here. But there is a lot of it in this special honey. You should eat it every day until it becomes cold and the leaves start to fall.

And then it beat its wings and flew back to the tree.

“Oh, uh. Thank you.”
“Thank you!”

Maki and Chiharu were very surprised, but they shouted as loud as they could without coming off as rude.

After that, they were shown around the nest until all the bees had had their turn to come out and see them.

“It took longer than I expected, but now that we finished saying hello to the producers, it’s time to go to the factory where the honey is put into jars.”

Said the fifth princess.

“Yes! And then it’s time for the honey wine!”
“Honey wine!”
“Honey wine!”
“Even you, sister? I suppose it cannot be helped.”

We’ll take you there. We’ll take you. The honey bees said. And like that, they returned to the office.

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  1. thanks for updating!! aww the bees are just so so cuteee. and what are the thing they missed? soulmate? i’m curious!

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