Cave King – 64

Chapter 64 – I drew a plan for mining!


“So, according to Shiel, we must do something about this device, or the Golems will continue to attack us…”


Baris, who now looked like a devil, was folding his arms as he sat down on a chair made from the branches of the World Tree.


After the discovery of the underground graveyard, we had gathered around the marble table at the roots of the tree, and held a meeting.


Erevan, the muscular goblin who sat next to Baris, opened his mouth.


“I don’t know, since I never fought them. But are these golems really that strong?”

“That strong? The only reason the others were defeated was because of Lord Heal. I don’t think even five of you could beat one of them, father…”


Said a human girl with black hair… It was Fule, a former goblin. 


“That’s preposterous! I could definitely beat them!”

“Ha… You’ve never even fought them before. Why are you so confident?”


Fule said with exasperation. Then Ashton the Kobold said,


“Hmm… Leaving Erevan aside, how many fighters would we need to win against them without Lord Heal?”


And so I answered.


“Well, I think everyone’s safety is more important than winning…”


Yes. That was what I was worried about.

What if someone was digging, and then a Golem suddenly appeared… I was afraid of that.


That’s why I had made Golems myself, so we could deal with such situations.


However, we had a limited number of Golems.

But then again, if we kept defeating Golems, that meant I could make more…


But it just seemed too dangerous for all of us to go and try to reach this control device.




Everyone was looking at me with surprise.


Then Haines muttered.


“You really are different from us, Lord Heal…”

“Mmm. We were only thinking about how we could defeat them.”

“I see. Yes, perhaps it’s not even necessary for us to defeat them…”


Said Ashton and Erevan. Then Fule chuckled.


“It can’t be helped. We have been fighting for so long, after all. So we can think of little else.”

“It’s as Fule says. We just thought about fighting, and ignored our safety. We should think of ways that we can dig while staying safe.”


Rienna said. And I nodded.


“Aye. According to the map that Shiel showed me, there aren’t many facilities that are close to the surface. So we should be safe as long as we don’t dig too deep.”


There was also the path that Roydon, the dragon merchant had come… Judging by how deep and the direction it went, it wasn’t part of the mountain at all.


“It would be easier to plan if we had a detailed map… Huh?”


Shiel had hopped up onto the round table and then a light appeared over her head as she stood in the center.


It was shaped like a mountain, and there were lines and squares…


This was the same map that the human Shiel had shown me in the graveyard earlier.


“Thank you, Shiel… So the entrance to the cave was actually the top of the mountain.”


I pointed to the three dimensional map that Shiel had conjured.


“As you can see here, there are almost no other hollow spaces near the winery that we dug up. So as long as we don’t dig any lower than that, we should be safe.”


The mountain itself had not been very steep, and as you went down, the amount of lines and squares gradually increased.


The Cave King will live a Paradise Life -Becoming the strongest with the mining skill?-

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