Jack of all Trades – 294

A Fight to the Death in the Snow


I thrust the Velnoir into the snow and rested my hands on the pommel and waited. Snow started gather on top of my hood, but I was able to use the magic within my body to control it, and brush it off. Like this, I waited for the arrival of the mysterious goblin. Adlus and I thought it was an abnormally evolved being. But we weren’t sure yet. We had to meet it and fight it. All of the abnormally evolved beings I had met up until now were capable of speech. How would it be this time?


“Asagi. Soon.”


“Alright. Everyone, move into position.”


Adlus said as he and Daniela moved away. Manager moved behind me.


The cold wind blew the wind dragon materials that made up my clothes. But no matter how cold it was when it hit me, I didn’t move an inch. I glared up ahead. It was now within range of Presence Detection.


Then all of a sudden, the wind stopped. The stillness was so abrupt and unnatural. The howling of the wind was gone, and only silence remained in my ears.

As for the snow, it turned into water once it reached a certain distance from the ground, then it bounced away as if there was an invisible roof over my head.

I caught myself staring up at this strange phenomenon. And when I returned my gaze forward, I could see the dark red goblin standing in the snow. The goblin I had seen with Eyes of the God Wolf was now looking towards us with that bloody greatsword on its shoulder.


“What are you?”


“You killed those other goblins.”


“Did you lead this stampede?”



It stared at me. Still. Silent. Maybe it didn’t understand what I was saying. Or was it thinking…?




“The queens…knight.”


A chill ran down my spine. It talked. It understood me and reacted. There was no doubt about it now.

This was an abnormally evolved being.


“I am apparently called…the Queen’s Knight Goblin…”

“Your name?”

“Title. I have…no name.”

“I see.”


A rather clumsy conversation. Hearing, knowing… And what did I think, now? Well, it didn’t matter.




“Ahahahahahahahaha!!! …Haa…”


It roared with laughter in the most chilling way.


“I can’t. No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no. I just can’t talk like a knight!”


“I mean, ‘Queen’s Knight Goblin?’ Wouldn’t that make you want to talk like a knight? Isn’t it cool?”


I understood that this thing was cruel by nature. And so that contemplative way of talking had seemed a little odd to me. However, this was no less confusing. It was like looking down a bottomless pit. There was now an overwhelming tension in the air, and I couldn’t help but wrap my fingers around the hilt of my sword.


“I mean…let’s just skip all this boring talk already. I want to kill something. My story. Your story. Who cares about any of that stuff. Let’s kill!”

“…Right. Who needs a reason? You’re a dangerous monster. And so I’ll kill you.”

“Yeeesss! Haha! This is going to be good!”


That being said, I did want information. But there was no time for that now. The goblin rushed forward and raised its greatsword with one arm and swung downward. I ducked under his arm and moved to the side and raised my sword.





The goblin laughed. However, its sword cut into the air, while mine tore into its ribs. Blood sprayed.


“Agghhh! That hurts!!”



Still, the attack did nothing to slow him, and he threw his empty left fist at me. I tried to bring up an ice shield to block it, but it shattered like thin glass. And then the fist launched me painfully into the air. The last thing I wanted to do was lose my sword, and so I gripped it tightly. Thanks to that, it gouged out a chunk of flesh as it came free of the goblin. More blood sprayed over the snow. Then I used Legs of the God Wolf to slide behind to the goblin’s back, and thrust my sword into it again.




However, it swung upward with a flurry of snow in my direction. And so I had to jam on the brakes. It was strong. I did not want to get hit by any of its attacks. I wanted this to be a one-sided fight as I looked for my chance to deal a lethal blow. Unfortunately, I was interrupted. Well, I would have likely been cut in half if I hadn’t stopped. That was no exaggeration, dragon armor or not.


“Hah… That’s not very fair.”

“It was a gift.”

“Give it to me.”

“No way.”


I gathered ice magic into my hand and swung. A line of ice arrows appeared in the air. All six of them fired. The ‘Queen’s Knight’ did not dodge them. They pierced into his right shoulder and stomach, but he didn’t flinch.


“Look here. Why don’t we stop with these boring tricks?”


“It’s quite lame, you know?”


I tried to think. I activated Jack of all Trades, Master of None and made some calculations.


“You know. It should be a clash of…raw power!!”



The goblin suddenly dashed forward and then jumped. As I was in the air, it normally wouldn’t have been able to reach me. But it didn’t just jump, it used its momentum to swing its sword as it did a full rotation in the air. And so its sword was able to reach me. I turned Jack of all Trades, Master of None off and blocked the attack. However, the goblin seemed to have expected this and quickly unleashed a kick. This too, I blocked with my leg.


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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