Jack of all Trades – 399

The Decisive Battle

Speed would be the deciding factor. And as I had inhuman speed, it was also the best way for me to fight. However, charge as I might, this was still a god. And so the strategy that I decided to take was a frontal ambush.


I threw the now double-bladed Othros. A heavy greatsword was now rotating as it shot towards him at an incredible speed. God or not, a mass of violence flying towards him would…

“Too slow. As if you could…”
“Who are you calling slow…!”

As Haidera created a barrier, I used ‘God Speed’ to move behind him and swing the Schwarz Tempest. This was how I ambushed from the front. The god was forced to create barriers in the back and front in order to block them.

Arthros bounced off, and while he blocked Schwarz Tempest, his hands were full.


Daniela then used wind magic to rush forward and thrust her rapier towards him.

Haidera then used the god power to blow us away with another shock wave. However, I would not be moved so easily. With my newly acquired dimension magic, I could control time and space.

“‘Warp Jump’!”

After leaping through space, I landed by Hairdera’s feet. No matter how fast God Speed was, your body was still there. However, if you leapt through space, then it was possible to avoid the shock waves.


Aiming for the moment of attack, which was the biggest opening, I raised the dark blue greatsword. The blade was elongated and coated in water as I prepared to slam it into him.


He laughed grotesquely, and then his eyes began to glow. Fear shot through me, and I instinctively held the sword in front of me instead, moving into a defensive stance.

In the next moment, there was a loud sizzling sound, as water began to evaporate around me.

“Beams from the eyes…!”

A sharp kick was unleashed from the other side of the greatsword, causing me to roll backwards. I held on to my weapon in a desperate attempt to keep it, but there was nothing else I could do as I slid across the floor. It was then that a wind arrow flew over my head.


My instincts told me that it had stopped Haidera’s follow up attack.


Daniela just nodded in reply. Orthros was sticking out of the ground at her feet. I grabbed it with my open hand and got back up to my feet.

The wind arrow cleared the air of steam, and I could see Haidera glaring at me. The irritation on his face was similar to when he stabbed me.

“Let’s start again… Now it’s my turn to go!”

Haidera howled as he gathered energy to his hands. The power of the gods was thick and glowed white. The white was blinding and was not exactly what you’d expect from a god of destruction.


He thrust his hands out. The energy that was unleashed then shot towards me like a bullet. Orthros intercepted it. However, it could not be cut, and it instead bounced away like a ball and destroyed part of the ceiling.

“My power was not enough…”
“Don’t underestimate me. I’m a human who has been exposed to the power of the gods as well.”
“Human…? Don’t you mean monster?”

Indeed, I was no longer a human. Monster would not be an exaggeration in my current state.

“But my heart is not that of a monster.”
“Ha… Such foolishness.”
“I don’t care. The state of my heart will not be affected by you!”
“No. You will be destroyed by me!!”

More light bullets shot towards me then. I blocked them with both of my swords and waited for my opportunity to launch a counter attack. In the meantime, Daniela unleashed light arrows from behind.

He blocked this with a shield he created with his left hand, while firing with his right.
I blocked them while moving to the right, left, and sometimes up and down. And with occasional feints in between, I carefully bridged the distance between us.

“You restless little shit…!”
“That’s how I fight!”
“Scum… Accept your fate and be destroyed!!!”

As Daniela prepared her next arrow, Haidera shot forward with all the speed of a bullet. He was just as fast as me. His tightened fist was moving upwards in order to hit me. It was then that I moved my dark blue greatsword in order to counter.


But I had underestimated him. His fist easily blocked my blade, and the sword ended up flying out of my grip. However, I had still been able to escape his charge.

And Daniela did not miss the opening.


Her rapier was thrust forward. Haidera blocked it by clamping it with his knee and elbow, and then he unleashed a beam from his eyes. Daniela let go of the sword and jumped back. She was quick to grab her bow and fire off a number of light arrows, but Hairdera merely used his open hand to block them with shock waves of energy.

Then he kicked away her sword and put his index finger and middle finger together. A shocking amount of energy gathered to his finger tips.


I cut down at him at a downward angle. I could have dodged it, but my instincts were telling me that this was my chance to attack.

As the god’s energy turned into heat rays, I put Orthros back into the hollow bracelet and moved the upper part of my body to the limit in order to dodge them. Then I took out the forest sword from the hollow bracelet, and swung.


The sword made by the ancient elves cut straight into the body of the god. The blood that came pouring out was red. However, the cut was not deep enough to sever.

Then I used Legs of the God Wolf to unleash a somersault kick right into Haidera’s jaw. As I bounced off, I righted my posture and swung again with the forest sword.


While he screamed pathetically, he still avoided a lethal wound. This was going nowhere.

“I’ll make sure you won’t be able to get away…!”

Platinum wind blew around my legs. The violent wind seemed like a storm that would blow away everything. However, it was all under my control.

With the storm on my side, I ran at the same speed. My sword strike came from every direction, sealing the god within. If I had to name it, yes…

“‘Kamiyashiro Style – True God Wolf Sword Reach.’”

Now that I was a monster, I could use Eyes of the God Wolf constantly without feeling the burden, allowing me to see from all directions.
With the future predicting abilities of Master of all Trades, I selected the best path out of hundreds.
And when I found my target, I moved with Legs of the God Wolf and cut through the god with the forest sword.

“Gah! Aggghh!!’

The blow hit him with precision. However, he was still a god, and even now Haidera seemed to avoid being lethally wounded.

“I am no ordinary elf either…!”

Daniela used wind magic to retrieve her sword. Then the wind gathered towards her legs, much like Legs of the God Wolf. She was much faster than even the times she borrowed the help of wind spirits. This was the result of Daniela returning to her origins.

“I am borrowing it, Asagi! ‘Kamiyashiro Style – Alternative God Wolf Sword Reach’!!”

Daniela’s strongest sword attack was unleashed on Haidera. The sword of the tree of life and death, enhanced with wind magic and surrounded in jade wind.

…She really was strong. I was glad that it was Daniela that I had fallen in love. With. After all, this wasn’t normal. It was something you could only accomplish if you had the ability to think fast enough to select the right option out of infinite possibilities and the eye to immediately catch openings in your opponent’s defenses.

It was madness. Something that couldn’t be done without relying on skills. And yet she was doing it. Hell, she was being modest by just calling it ‘alternative.’ While the goddess’s power had helped too, this was mostly the result of all of her hard work up until now.

Though, there was a small part of me that felt possessive over it. And that little bit of pride pushed the speed of my own sword.


I pulled out the Velnoir and attacked with two swords, cutting off the tips of Haidera’s fingers. Daniela’s own sword cut through his ear.


He was losing control, but I could already predict when he would unleash the shockwaves. And so I grabbed Daniela’s hand and activated Warp Jump.


And with the biggest opening yet in front of us, four blades pierced into Haidera’s stomach.

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