Cave King – 64


“Of course, this is an old map, so a lot of it might be different now. But this control device should be located underneath the entrance of the cave… In other words, in the center of the mountain. I doubt that part has changed. So maybe I should dig downward in a spiral.”


I looked towards Mappa. Even when sitting in his chair, he was busily playing with his tools.


“At the same time, I want Mappa to continue extending the tracks for the iron carriage. As for who will be digging this spiral, it will of course, be me.”


No one had any objections in regards to that.

They all nodded.


However, Rienna did have a question.


“But Lord Heal, we cannot allow you to go alone. As a guard…I must go with you.”


Rienna said. Fule then spoke up.


“No, no. You are much too busy with running everything up here, Princess. I will go with him. Besides, I can use magic!”

“But… Very well. But do not stay down there too long. You must always return for lunch and for dinner.”


Rienna said with a worried expression. I nodded.


“Don’t worry. I don’t think anything is actually going to change.”

“I understand… Yes, I have nothing to worry about.”


She said, still looking very worried.


“Well, it would be nice to have other people come with me once in a while.”

“Lord Heal…yes! Please let Baris and I go to inspect it as well!”

“Aye. You can all come whenever you want. But…just don’t appear suddenly without warning…”


I said. And they agreed.

Mappa continued to fiddle with his tools. I wasn’t sure if he was even listening.


“Alright, let’s just… Huh?”


Shiel had suddenly erased the three dimensional map. But there was something strange.

Her energy was gone, and she stretched out weakly over the table.




I rushed forward and picked her up.

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  1. I guess, slimes don’t have much energy to spent acting as a hologram projector 😀
    Thanks for the chapter! Awesome translation! God bless you!

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