Makai Hongi – 166

Chapter 166

Apparently, Demon King Janius’s army was advancing. This was insane.

I was just someone from the countryside of Lesser Demon King Melvis’s country.
To be frank, I had never had anything to do with a Demon King’s country up until now.

And so when I was brought to this country by General Miralda, I was quite nervous.

“But I never thought we’d be fighting against Demon King Janius.”
There was no longer anything that I could do at my level.

As for General Miralda…

She was laughing.

I wondered if she had gone mad.
It was an actual possibility, and so I would have to make sure.

“Uh, General. Are you alright?”

General Miralda ignored my question. Instead, she asked the messenger about the leader of the enemy army.
“We do not know yet. But I believe the messenger after me will have a new report.”

So it would take some time before we knew the name of their leader, their composition and number.
This report was just to let us know of their arrival as soon as possible.

“Well, Fonval should be the closest. What a mistake that General has made.”

Miralda smiled. She had been smiling for a while.

“The lesser countries to the north are causing a ruckus, we can’t move our troops from the frontlines, there was an invasion from the Celestial World, a whole army was destroyed…”

Miralda’s smile widened.

“It appears that they’ve misunderstood, and actually think they can beat me. Oh, it’s really too bad. I feel sorry for them.”

I see. I think it was one of those times where I better run away.
And so I quietly backed off and prepared to escape.


“I’m sorry. But I can no longer allow you to go far away.”

I currently led a mixed army of about two hundred.
If we left the main camp now, we might be seen as a detached force, and be attacked.

Two hundred was too big a number to ignore.
However, I didn’t like the idea of separating either.

We were all unfamiliar with this land, and it would be difficult to regroup again.
In the first place, they were mostly meatheads, and could not be relied on in that way.
I would not be surprised if they ended up just heading towards the enemy camp instead.

“Ah, that’s right. You can’t call back the three armies that you have stuck to the west.”
“Indeed. Those Lesser Demon Kings are wriggling around. It cannot be done.”

“And so we’ll have no choice but to stay here and fight then.”

“Oh? Why is that?”
The General suddenly looked at me with interest.

“This is an attack from a Demon King that you weren’t even cautious about yesterday. And the Lesser Demons Kings have approached the border at the same time. It’s clear that someone is pulling the strings from behind.”

“I agree. They must be watching us from close by. And yet, they have a wide view.”
“And so it would be a bad idea for us to act on our own. We’ll stay with you. I’m sure you’re going to split up your army anyway.”

“It really depends on how the enemy acts. But that is quite likely.”
“In that case, please put us somewhere that is less likely to be affected. But we’ll fight if we have to.”
It would at least be safer if we were with another army.
And of course, I had no qualms with fighting the enemy in order to survive.

“I see… Someone, call Dyle.”
Said the General. And then Corps Commander Dyle…no, the former Corps Commander, appeared.

“You called for me?”
“Mmm. I have a new order for you. Lead Golan’s corps and survive the upcoming battle.”

“But I’ve lost my own men…”

I couldn’t help but feel for the now haggard Rock Lion.
He had always seemed so composed. I suppose it was because he had a strong sense of responsibility.
And so recent events had taken a great toll on him.

“Listen to me, Dyle. Do you know why I chose you to be my Corps Commander?”
“Yes. It’s because I was the strongest of the Rock Lions.”

The Rock Lions were the most numerous of the races in Demon King Tralzard’s army.
And Dyle had been especially strong.

“That played a part in the decision, but it wasn’t the sole reason.”
“I see.”

“It was because I saw the promise of evolution in you.”

“Yes. When Rock Lions evolve, they turn into…”
“A Fierce Rock Lion.”

“Mmm. And a Fierce Rock Lion is about as powerful as your average Lesser Demon King. And so I built that army around you.”
“I-I see. I’m sorry to have let you down.”

“You haven’t yet. It’s too soon to come to any conclusions. I still believe that you should evolve. And so I want you to lead Golan and the others and make it out alive. It will make you stronger.”

Dyle raised his face with a look of surprise. Then he immediately said, ‘Certainly!’

Miralda looked very satisfied.

In fact, us being incorporated into the army still had the possibility inconveniencing her. We didn’t know her plans or how they would move.
However, that could be avoided if Dyle was leading us.

And so even if we happened to get separated, he would be able to guide us in a way that the General would expect.

“I look forward to working with you, Corps Co…uh, what should I call you now?”
He wasn’t a Corps Commander anymore. And while I could just call him Dyle, this was the army.

It wasn’t just me who needed to know how to refer to him, but my men as well.

“Very well, you shall be Dyle’s independent unit. That should be good enough.”
“Dyle’s independent unit. I understand.”

“So I should call you Commander Dyle then.”
“Aye, it will do.”

In that case, my men could call me the Deputy Commander.

Like that, a new unit was temporarily made.

We would be independent, with Dyle the Rock Lion leading us.

General Miralda had on a mischievous expression, and so I couldn’t help but be cautious.
However, Commander Dyle had not noticed it yet.

“Yes. Since you are an independent unit, the line of command will go to me. So you’ll be working under me directly. Don’t you feel lucky?”

Dyle smiled then. If he had a tail, it would probably be wagging.

As for me, I wanted to shout, ‘Not at all!’
It was just like how it was with General Farneze. Of course, that’s what had led to us coming to this country…

And so I became the Deputy Commander of an independent unit before the battle with the Demon King.

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