Makai Hongi – 140

Chapter 140

Baltasar stood up. He really did have a short temper.
And when I was being so calm and generous towards him.

“In that case, why don’t I toughen these Ogres up, eh?”

Baltasar was a Gurangatch.
He wouldn’t be a bad fit for Ogres, as we were all about physical strength.

Of course, he was much higher than us in terms of rank, but that just meant there would be a lot to learn during training.
I thought about it. ‘It’s actually not a terrible idea, is it?’ I thought.

“In that case…”
I seriously considered accepting the offer.

“That being said, there will be fewer Ogres by the time I’m finished training them!”

“I’ll grab two or three at once. And with these hands, I’ll crush them to death.”

Was he trying to pick a fight with me?
In spite of all my efforts to avoid one?

And what was he going on about now?
He was going to strangle my Ogres to death every day?
This guy?

I see. Very interesting…

Baltasar must have seen me narrow my eyes, as he suddenly shouted, ‘Let’s fight then!’ He was very angry.

“Why don’t you sit down for now? I’ll listen to what you have to say…”
I said. ‘Coward,’ he spat, but returned to his seat nonetheless.

There were times when I thought back on it. About the dojo in my past life. They really just did anything they wanted there.
I was taught how to kill an opponent’s momentum so that if a fight did start, it would be on my own terms.

And so the moment that Baltasar sat heavily in his chair, I kicked the table off of the floor.
“…Did you really think I would mean that!”

The table spun in the air and caught Baltasar right in the face.

He fell onto the floor, but was clearly not hurt at all.
I quickly put together a plan for what I would do next.

“Strangle them to death, eh!? You’ve got a lot of nerve!”

In spite of the way I sounded, I was quite calm.
Even if I got ahead of myself and started punching him here, I would do zero damage.

My mana level was too low to do any visible injury to him.
It sucked, but that was the reality of the Demon World.

And so I used what power I did have—the power of an Ogre, and broke one of Baltasar’s finger.


The sound echoed in the tent.
This was very effective.

Baltasar howled in a voice that was quite pathetic.

With all my power, I went to work on his other finger. Perhaps I was the one who was pathetic.
However, against a Gurangatch who was at least three ranks higher than an Ogre, this was the best that I could do.

I had only succeeded because it was an ambush, and because the Gurangatch had very long fingers.

If I stopped now, my fate would be sealed.
But I was lucky, and managed to break the finger on his right hand. But it was still too early to back off.

As Baltasar tried to get off the ground, I smashed him in the face with a water jug.
It shattered and the water splashed across his face.

In the meantime, I put all of my weight on him and broke another finger.


This time the sound was a little muffled.
Probably because it was under my knee.
In any case, now two fingers on his right hand were unusable.

“So, now we get to the main part. You better be ready.”

“…Bastard. I’ll kill you.”
“Always the same line.”

Baltasar stood up and moved to grab me.
I had made him do it.

To be fair, if he did manage to grab any part of me normally, I’d lose.
And he knew it. And so I purposely baited him into trying.


Baltasar had grabbed my arm, but was completely uncomprehending of what happened immediately after that.
I had used an aikido technique.

It was a technique that I used to teach a lot of women at the dojo.
A way to deal with an attacker.

The arm that was grabbed would stay fixed, and you would rotate your body with that as the axis. And then the arm would automatically get twisted upwards.

This is what happened when you never experienced this aikido technique.

Baltasar fell flat on his face. His arm was twisted upwards and he could not move.
And his defenseless face was close to mine.

They say that your legs are three times as strong as your arms.
Ever since I was reincarnated, I’ve been training for when I have to fight stronger enemies.

I used all my knowledge from my earlier combat training in order to know what to target, and how to take on different races.


With one hand I grabbed the hair above Baltasar’s forehead and held it down to the dirt.
And then I bashed my knee into his face.

I knew that no matter how many times I did this, I wouldn’t be doing any real damage.
But there was still a reason for it.

“Ha! Ha!”

After hitting him again and again, I finally felt that satisfying sensation under my knee.
One of his fangs had broken.

–The fang breaker.

There was no meaning other than his humiliation. But I had dropped my knee into him over and over in order to accomplish this.

“What’s this?”

I picked up the trophy and smirked.


Yes, that was the expression I wanted to see.
The broken fang was a few centimeters long. It was a bit longer than most teeth.

Still, I could think of a use for it. I dropped it in my pocket and raised my hand provocative.

“Don’t you think it’s time you gave up? Why don’t you kneel and beg for forgiveness?”
This was all just a provocation.

Basically, I was doing it on the assumption that the others would stop us any second now.
No one showed any signs of interfering. I guess they didn’t know that I would die if this continued.


Baltasar charged at me.
I was just about out of ideas, but he was as enthusiastic as ever.

He clearly meant to grab me and punch me to death. His eyes were filled with madness.

“Oh, damn it.”
I held my hands up and waited.

“I suppose we’ll have to make a compromise.”
I was annoyed that no one came in to stop this.

In that case, let’s have them take responsibility.

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  1. lol Golan didn’t you realize that everyone wanted to see how good you were in a fight? Give it one more minute and the spectators would start betting.

  2. I’m surprised that he still expected people to try to stop them after living this long in this world of might makes right. Well I guess Golan’s gonna finally cut loose.

    • To think only the anarchist terrorist, Nehyor, called off the fight before his subordinates were seriously injured. I mean, he just wanted to get in a fight against Golan too, but he at least stopped the fights at the meeting while it was still at the level of humiliation.

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