Jack of all Trades – 391

Facility Zero – Mistmaria

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, the tide was currently on the side of the humans. Well, we were a mix of different races. The Automata weren’t just fighting humans. There were ogres, forest wolves, and snow wolves as well. I only hoped that this wasn’t a temporary alliance.

“Daniela contacted me and said you were going to open a path to Mistmaria?”
“Yeah. I think it’s below the location that I appeared when first arriving here.”
“And why do you think that?”
“My instincts.”

I really did think they were related. But it really was just a feeling.

“Hmm… I suppose I’ll have to believe you for now.”
“If it turns out that I’m wrong, we’ll have to turn this whole place upside down. So it’s worth the gamble.”

When I glanced down, I saw that Matsumoto was running towards the hill. As for the spot that I had been teleported…there. It was the far back of the battlefield. Yes, I had to be right about this.

The human army was going around and destroying the machines that created the mist. But it was still hard to see when there were areas where the mist was thick and places where it wasn’t. Even then, the ogres and wolves were taking the Automatas down at a rapid pace. Human soldiers ran behind them.

So, it seemed like I could leave the fighting to them now. The enemy still had vastly superior numbers, but they could hold them at bay. Besides, Rachel and Lemon were there too. And of course, so were Yamato, Yunagi, and Beowulf.
I had to stop the Karma Network in the meantime. In other words, stop the Nova.

And so I had Rachel send word to Daniela and the others to go towards the hill in the far back, and then I moved towards it myself.

“I leave the rest to you.”
“Mmm. Go and crush it.”

I gave her a thumbs up and accelerated. Platinum and jade wind shot through the field like a meteor. At the same time, I pulled out the Schwarz Tempest from the hollow bracelet. I held it as if drawing an arrow, and with my left hand over the blade, I sent in a surge of water magic. The blade became liquid, elongating and becoming thinner.

It was aimed at my old hill. And then I threw the sword, right where the mist was pouring out.

Schwarz Tempest’s speed had been boosted by Legs of the God Wolf, and it shot towards the hill as if being sucked in.

I had created this move, which was called ‘Kamiyashiro Style – Water Blade Azure Fusion.’ Even among my more flashy moves, this one drew a great deal of attention. Once it landed in its target, the water blade was released with an explosion.

“Yes. Break up and fly!”

My right hand was still stretched out as I made a fist. When the water released, the blue colored energy expanded, blowing away everything in the area. Of course, no allies were nearby. Just Automatas.

I descended at the scene of the explosion that had destroyed so many of the Automatas, but had Legs of the God Wolf activated so that I could blow away all of the mist and dust.

“So it really was here…”

Below my feet, was not only the remnants of a passage, but the gaping entrance of an ancient elven facility. Facility Zero, Mistmaria.

□   □   □   □

The Automata swarmed around me loudly, but I destroyed them with a great sweep of my sword. At the same time, I could see Daniela, Manager, and Matsumoto running towards me.

“Ah, you’re late.”
“Sorry. We stopped to help some soldiers.”

That was unusual for Daniela.

“It was the men from the fortress.”
“Oh… So they’re here? Are they alright?”
“They are fine.”
“That’s good to know.”

I couldn’t help but want everyone that I knew to survive.

“Mister Asagi. Is this it?”
“Mistmaria. It was right below the place that I was summoned.”
“Huh… What a coincidence.”

Manager muttered as she peered into the hole. It was like coming back to your roots. A very odd feeling. However, I didn’t think it was a coincidence.

“Well, I think we can trust Rachel to take care of things here. We have to go down this tunnel and destroy that damned magic machine. That should stop the energy that’s being sent through the dragon vein. The war will be over.”
“And there will be no more summonings.”

Of course, that was our main reason for being here.

“It makes me sad to think that I may never see anyone from my home again. But perhaps I’ll still find a way to return while I’m alive.”
“Manager… Yes, let’s do our best.”
“I’ll do what I can!”

Matsumoto also clenched his fist. It made me feel a lot better when these two were with us.

Now, it was time to get this job done.

“Alright, let us go then!”

I nodded at Daniela’s words and with a renewed resolve, we down rushed into Mistmaria.

□   □   □   □

We fell into the dark hole. But at this point, none of us were the kind of person who would be phased by this height.


Matsumoto used his light magic to illuminate the tunnel. He directed it to the ground so that we could see in every direction, and then he took the lead as we fell.

“It’s blinding…”
“You could have given us a warning.”
“Oh, uh. Sorry about that…”

While he had the best intentions, the Hero was berated by the two women. How sad.

“I’m grateful for the light.”
“Well, actually I don’t care. Cause I have Night Eyes.”

Still, if there was going to be light, I didn’t have to use it. And so I deactivated Night Eyes and used Eyes of the God Wolf instead.

“Mister Asagi. Your eyes just went from a yellowish green to silver.”
“They do that, apparently. I can never tell… Ah, we’re almost there.”

I could see the smooth floor through Eyes of the God Wolf. It wasn’t even a kilometer away. And so I enveloped my legs in gentle winds and spread it out in order to slow everyone’s descent.

“Quite impressive.”
“One of my few talents.”

It really only worked like this because it was quite narrow. And Jack of all Trades, Master of None had told me that it was possible. It was a unique skill that told me whether my ideas were possible or not. But I had some misconceptions about it.

To me it was a rather useful skill that played images in my head and taught me how to use any tool that I picked up. However, this was the visualization of calculations made in the brain. What would happen if you used it like this? It was like predicting the future.

I had been too focused on the name. And I had sometimes let other people’s reactions get to me. This had caused me to feel that it was a rather middling skill.

I was very late in understanding just how amazing it was. But I felt nothing but gratitude now.

“We’re finally there…”

There was something very comforting about finally having ground under your feet again. As I sighed in relief, a quiet voice rang from the passage that Matsumoto directed his light at.

“…What was that?”

Matsumoto put a finger up to his lips and closed his eyes in concentration. My breathing grew quieter as I listened too. Yes, it sounded like a person’s voice.

“Someone is saying ‘no’ over and over again.”

It did sound like that. The word ‘no’ echoed quietly from the depths of the darkness.


Suddenly, it was as if the words were being said right next to my ear, and I gasped. When I turned to the side, I saw that the air had been torn apart, and a pale man with shaggy platinum hair was peering through.

“No. It’s not you.”
“Who-who are…you…!”
“You are…not a god.”

That’s all he said, and then the tear in space closed up again.

Was that…the Nova?

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