Jack of all Trades – 88

Find the Missing Person on Foot

This greatsword was heavy. I wish I could toss it into the hollow bag, but I was hardly going to survive using it if I didn’t get used to the weight. It was while I was moving my shoulders and trying to get the blood flowing again, that I arrived at the Leaves in Sunlight inn. It was almost time for lunch.

“Now, let’s hope she’s back…”

She wasn’t anywhere near the front. Perhaps the dining hall? She had the most serious stance when it came to dining. She would probably not even wait for me.

I push the door open. The entrance hall of the Leaves in Sunlight inn was always calm, as if time was moving slower. Just like the first day, that was just the kind of place this was. I cross the room as I take this in, and arrive at the counter. Dorothea wasn’t here today, it was some male employee who I had never seen before. I asked for my key and promptly walked up the steps on the left side until I reached the third floor. My room was the first one on the left, 301. The key goes in, the lock is removed, and the forest-like room enters my vision. The green interior was easy on the eyes, and very relaxing.

I drop my belongings onto the bed and change my clothes. The rest of the day would be spent lazily, so I could dress roughly.

“Ahh, I feel so much lighter…might as well go and eat then…”

I put the Schwarz Tempest in my bag. I wasn’t actually expecting it to fit in, so it was a little shocking when it slid in so smoothly. It really did give me the impression that its capacity had increased. I would like to one day meet those palace magician’s that Matsumoto talked about, and have them inspect it.

The waitress greeted me at the entrance of the dining hall. And then she led me to the same table that we sat at the last time. Daniela was not there.

“That’s strange…she’d never miss a meal…”

I decided to wait a while before ordering. The other customers ordered their food, ate and left. Eventually, it was only me and a few others that remained. And there was still no signs of Daniela’s arrival.

It was almost two hours of waiting now. This was not right.

“I’m sorry, but my partner didn’t come today, so I will be leaving.”

I called the waitress and told her why I was leaving. She tilted her head to the side and looked towards the entrance.

“That is strange. Miss Daniela usually comes as soon as we are open…”

“Yes, perhaps something has happened to her. I have to go and take a look. We’ll be back for dinner.”

“Be safe. This is a peaceful town, but you never know.”

“I’m sorry for the trouble, and thank you.”

I felt pretty bad, as we had already paid for our meals, and the ingredients had been prepared. But I wanted to eat with Daniela. There were times when I did eat alone, but I wanted to eat with her at this inn.

I returned to my room and removed my equipment from the bag again. I should train constantly, I think, as I strap the greatsword to my back. The unfamiliar weight was tiresome, and I had to be careful that I didn’t get caught on anything as I navigated my way out and down the steps.

As I was walking down the stairs, a certain thought came to me. ‘What if I carried this like a guitar case?’ I was currently carrying it in the generic diagonal way that characters carried their greatswords. After testing it out, it really was easier. But then I realized…I couldn’t pull the sword out like this. I was disappointed at the level of my own stupidity, but then another idea came to me. I could hang it over my shoulder like those tote bags I used to take on my night shift. It was also easier, but the sword extended both to the front and back, which was dangerous…

I went about testing different styles on the stairs, but the looks I was getting from other customers were not kind, and so I settled with the guitar case style until I reached the first floor.

There, I asked the receptionist if he could tell Daniela to wait in her room if she returned, and left the inn behind be. Man, that was embarrassing.

Enough of that. It was a short walk to the main street. Once I was there, I looked around in hopes of finding her. But of course…

“I don’t see anyone who looks like her…Presence Detection…”

It did not find her either. I tried to cover a wider area, but perhaps I was just not adept enough, because so many other presences came in like noise, and I could not find hers. It looked like I needed more training.

I didn’t think there was any point in running around randomly. After all, the only places I knew were the little shit’s store and Kasil’s. There was also that restaurant. If anyone would find their way there, it was Daniela. But I’d check there last…I didn’t like it, but I would have to check the little shit’s store first. What was his name again?

□   □   □   □

“Hello. I was wondering if you’ve seen my partner? She was here with me yesterday.”

“What? Who do you think I am? Get out of here if you aren’t buying any shoes!”

Tsk. Useless little shit. Is he incapable of having a conversation?

“I can practically hear what you’re saying in your head!”

“Oh, don’t mind me. Good day.”


I bought my shoes, so I really had no more business here. I’m never coming back here again!



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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