Jack of all Trades – 37

The Three Big Pigs

I wasn’t in the deepest sleep, but I was still sleeping. But of course, this was going to be another night where I was hurriedly awakened by Daniela.

“Asagi. Monsters.”

I quickly sit up. After grinding my fists into my eyes and opening them, I grab my sword and stand up on my feet.

“Grass wolves again?”

I take in a deep breath to help get my brain working again. Then I leave the tent and drink a cup of water in one gulp. Thankfully, Daniela always wakes me up with just enough time to prepare before the fight.

“No. Unfortunately, it is orcs.”


I had heard once from Gardo that orcs lived in the deepest reaches of the northern forest. Later, someone else said that there were also many at the base of the southern mountains. But both of those places were far from where we were now.

“Had you heard of it, Asagi? There was an orc hunt not long ago.”

“What’s that?”

There was that one time that Gardo and Ness had been absent for quite a stretch. Perhaps that was what they were doing if they had gone to the southern mountains. Though, they never did tell me. So I had no way of knowing.

“That hunt took place in those southern mountains.”

Daniela pointed at the mountains that were faintly lit by moonlight.

“They must be survivors who escaped that hunt and wandered over here.”

I see. There was no other reason why there would be any orcs in such a thin forest.

Orcs lived in forests. But the ones that lived in the northern forest could only be encountered if you went very deep inside. They preferred dense, almost jungle-like environments. And the forest at the base of the southern mountain was so dense it could be called an ocean of trees. It was also connected to the forest that previously belonged to the forest wolves. So we could have entered it, but it would have been dangerous to enter Beowulf’s territory. Well, he wasn’t actually there anymore.

“Encountering orcs in this place… We must have the worst kind of luck…”

“Prepare yourself, Asagi. Every blow from an orc carries a lot of weight. These are monsters that can swing a log with one hand.”

“Well, that’s encouraging. Do we have a hope of winning?”

Daniela laughs.

“Oh, they are nothing. As long as you do not get hit.”

She was so cool recently… However, it was as she said. And I was pretty confident because of my high AGI. It was about the only thing I was confident in, actually.

“So these enemies hit hard. And so we have to…”

“Make use of our speed.”

And it was currently night time. Then…

“We should kill them quickly with an ambush. I think that would give us the best chance.”

“Indeed. Well then, I will attack them with my bow from on top of a tree.”

Daniela said as she held her bow.

“I’ll hide in the ground and attack from below.”

There were plenty of dead leaves. I could use water to make them stick to my body for an instant ghillie suit. I’m sure the clean-up afterward will be fun.

“Understood. They will be coming here from the south. Three in all. Can you sense them?”

I use Presence Detection. Immediately, I detect the position of the three creatures. I nod at her and she nods back.

“I would say that our distance is about 700. And there is a small clearing about 200 away from here. It’s too small for them to camp at, but it will be just enough for us to set up the ambush.”

She must have gone out scouting as soon as she detected them. I did feel like I was being carried throughout this journey. I had to do my best so I could stand shoulder to shoulder with her in the near future.

“Good. Now, let us begin. Asagi.”


Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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