Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 4

Hangover Day is Miso Soup Day

Chiharu was the one who woke up first. There was a slight pain in her head that remained as proof that she had drunk way too much the previous night.


“I’m not in college anymore, that was dumb… Alcohol deserves better.”


She mumbled. Then chuckled over the fact that she should really be feeling apologetic toward that man who had caught her.


“That’s it!”


She sat up suddenly.


“Ah, aghhh!”


She held her head as she looked around the room. This room was about three times the size of her own room, and she was in a huge bed. She looked to her side, Maki was still sleeping. Chiharu fell back into the bed and assessed the situation.


Unfortunately, Chiharu had never lost memory of events no matter how hard she drank. Temple. Saintess. Two. Beast. Elf. This was too much to be some elaborate prank.


“We must have been summoned to another world. It must be…”


But then what should they do? Let’s organize things in order of priority. Also, when was Maki-chan going to get up? Chiharu became a little annoyed, and so she pinched Maki’s nose.


“Buwahh. Ouch! My head hurts a little!”

“Only a little! Good morning, Maki-chan.”

“Good morning. Hmm?”


Maki’s expression rapidly changed. Chiharu knew. Maki too never lost her memory no matter how much she drank. And so she said.



“Agh! Stop it, Chiharu! I might die of embarrassment.”

“Oh, you won’t die. The worst came after that.”

“Aghh. I wish I could erase that from my memory…”


Maki sunk back into the bed. Then she covered her eyes with her hands and mumbled.


“Hey, Chiharu.”


“People don’t have ears and tails like that right?”


“I think he was over 2 meters tall.”

“Yes. The other one had long ears.”

“For real?”


They fell silent. They lay in the bed and stared at the ceiling.




“Do you think we will be able to go home?”

“I don’t know.”



Maki’s voice was shaking now.




“We can think of the bad things at night. We should focus on what to do now while it is still bright.”

“Oh, you’re so cool even at times like this.”


Maki said with just a slight sniff of her nose.


“It was a temple. Saintess. Two. The foreign people said so with perfect Japanese. Also, Rasche.”

“No, that’s a beastman.”

“I feel like he had gentle eyes.”

“Well, I haven’t seen any flaws yet.”


Chiharu suddenly looked less confident as she continued.
“Actually, we already proved to ourselves that we have horrible tastes.”

“Oh, right.”


They both looked at the ceiling again. Chiharu’s boyfriend was a tutor. He worked in the same department as her. He had been so dependable, and while a little on the serious side, she had really like him. She really had. The ceiling began to blur.




“We can think about the bad things at night.”


Chiharu also sniffed.



“Now, what should we do?”

“There’s nothing we can do until we find out what is going on.”

“We should be careful not to answer anything until we have time to listen and think.”

“That’s true.”

“I’m just going to put this out there. I don’t want to fight no Demon Lord.”

“Exactly. Exactly!”

“And I won’t follow any marriage route either.”

“Exactly. Exactly!”

“Since it seems we came all the way to another world.”

“So it seems!”


They looked at each other.


“Good food and alcohol.”

“Beautiful sights and culture.”

“We can’t miss those.” “We can’t miss those.”


They giggled.


“Okay, but first we need to find work.”

“You really like to work, Chiharu. We should find out why we are here first. Let’s ask them and gather information.”

“You’re right.”


Chiharu rang the bell that was by her pillow. The door opened exactly one second later, and the two handmaids from the previous day entered the room. Chiharu froze, still holding the bell. That was fast. They smiled at her.


“How are you feeling this morning?”


They asked.


“Oh, I’m a little hungover, but I’m fine. Uh…”

“I am called Sera.”

“I am called Hanna.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Asou, this is Aida.”

“Assoo and Aiiida.”


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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