Two Saints – 82

In The Border Town


Maki and Chiharu sat in the back with the cargo. They dangled their feet down and watched the scenery.


“It’s been a while since we dressed like this.”

“It’s a lot easier to move if I wear pants underneath this one-piece dress. But it’s a little hot. It’s perfect for flying, though. Still…”


Chiharu felt a little gloomy.


“How long were we in the sky? To be honest, wasn’t it just as long as crossing the sea?”

“Yes. I wouldn’t say anything to Sauro, but I bet it would only take 3 hours to fly to the dwarf territory from here. Also…”


Maki seemed hesitant to speak.


“Maybe he feels more confident now.”



The wind felt comfortable.


“Well, now they know that there are small children in Lowland that want to play with them.”

“What a cute sacrifice.”

“Ki-kids are fine. They always enjoy it.”


Chiharu muttered as she looked to the side.


“Eventually, they’ll have a team of birdfolk in Lowland. People might train with them from childhood and be able to take messages to other places.”

“‘Changes in the dwarven dungeon. Questing help immediately.’ Like that?”

“Yes, yes. Because birdfolk messengers aren’t very reliable by themselves.”

“Ahh. Yeah, they are too free.”


Currently, it was probably Maki and Edwy who were able to fly with the birdfolk for the longest distance. Though, Chiharu wasn’t that bad either. The truth was that it was much more likely that Maki and Chiharu would be asked to work as messengers, rather than having some Lowland birfolk team set up.


The carriages started to go up a hill as they headed for the border town. A forest spread out at the bottom of the hill, and the carriage was moving down the road that winded through it. The dwarf lands had many ups and downs in the terrain, but the journey between Lowland and Highland was relatively gentle.


Flatlands stretched out on the other side of the forest, and beyond that, was a blue sea.


“Ahh, it feels so nice.”

“It almost makes me forget why we are here.”


“Hey, we’ll be arriving soon.”


They heard Edwy shout from up ahead.


“This town is our first stop.”

“I hope we can take a bath.”

“I doubt it.”

“But my muscles are so sore.”

“Mine too.”


But they wouldn’t expect such luxuries for a while. Maki and Chiharu continued to sit in the back and watch the town’s scenery as they traveled to the inn. The people here looked similar to the people who lived by the Lowland sea. But perhaps there were more people with dirty blonde hair. Just like Maki and Chiharu had now. Merchant carriages were not unusual. And so they just looked like a brother and sister who were enjoying themselves. And the people just smiled at them.


The carriages stopped slowly at the inn. Maki and Chiharu hopped out and walked to the driver’s seat.


“You two are really starting to look as if you are related.”

“That’s no good, Edwy.”

“What do you mean?”

“The way you talk. People will think it’s strange.”

“I-I see. Uh, no. You are right.”


Aaron chuckled as he saw Chiharu admonish Edwy.


“So, you’re the one who isn’t able to disguise himself at all.”

“It’s not my fault. Well, maybe it is. I am so used to being around people that are older than me.”


Edwy grumbled.


“We will stay at this inn tonight. As we will be leaving early in the morning, you should all get a good rest tonight.”

“Can we explore the town a little after getting our room?”

“Well, it should be safe here. What about you, Edwy?”

“I told you to call me Ed. I’ll go with you, Chouze.”

“Let’s go then! Ed!”


They took two rooms, as was expected.


This wasn’t the only town near Highland’s border. However, this was seen as a checkpoint for trading, and so it was quite prosperous. And many special products, such as dyed cloth, were sold here.


“Maybe I’ll buy something for Sera. Oh, wait. Nevermind.”

“Is it because our journey just started?”

“No. But these are special items from the border town in Lowland. She will wonder why we have them when we were supposed to go to the elf lands. ‘I would never have imagined that you two would put yourselves in danger. What is that useless elf?’”

“You sound just like her, Maki-chan.”


Chiharu was impressed. Even Edwy was holding his stomach and laughing next to them.


“So I can’t give anything that would be evidence.”

“Ho ho. Alright, Maki-chan.”


They looked at each other and laughed.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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