Two Saints wander off into a Different World – 44

Wandering. Finally?


“It’s fine, it’s fine.”

“We’re good at doing that.”


Maki and Chiharu said casually.


This was when they were told that they could continue on to Gromble as long as they remained disguised and lay low.


Edwy narrowed his eyebrows. ‘I would say it’s quite the opposite,’ he grumbled. But the two seemed to have been offended at the idea that they had not been lying low up until now.


After all, had they not been doing just that? Sure, they had escaped from the castle, but they had been found in just one month. They had done nothing but sightsee since then. And the matter with the gazers was clearly not their fault.


They said as much.


“But you shouldn’t have left the castle without saying anything in the first place!”

“And disguised yourselves.”


But to the two Saintesses, it was because they wanted to avoid trouble, that they had disguised themselves.


“You have an answer for everything.”


Kaider said, somewhat happily. Maki then clapped her hands together and said,


“Well, in any case. We will continue to work as apprentices for the cook. But we will stay with Edwy and the others at night, where there will be guards. When we reach Gromble, we will stay at a health resort near the town. Then when everything is finished, we will return with you. Is that right?”

“Yes. That way, you can avoid getting into any danger. And you will be able to drink without anyone bothering you.”



Their eyes lit up.


“And you can bathe everyday.”


Their eyes lit up even more. Edwy was starting to understand how to handle them.


“It’s nice that you do not want to inconvenience Paulo. We will just tell the soldiers that you are children of a noble family who had run away from home. So you can continue to wear your wigs and disguises during the day. But come back after dinner. Then we can drink together.”


Maki and Chiharu had not nodded so readily and with such bright expressions in a long time.


Paulo and the other cooks were happy that they were safe. And when told that they had been runaways, looked completely unsurprised. It seems that they had already sensed something. And while they were surprised that Maki and Chiharu would continue to help, they did not object, as they were understaffed.


It would take two days to reach Gromble, and they would pass through a town on their way. Maki and Chiharu had heard that it was the largest tourist site along the mountains, and they had high expectations. Of course, as the miasma had become thicker, Adventurers had become more active, and so the health resort was somewhat dreary these days.


Like before, they rode in the back of a wagon with the other belongings and traveled leisurely through the mountain road. When they passed yet another ridge, they saw a basin surrounded by four mountains.


“Look at that!”

“It’s more amazing than Shiel!”


While there were mountains on all four sides, the mountain with the dungeon’s entrance was much taller than the others. And there were large pillars made of stone.


“They may look like normal pillars from here, but they are actually hundreds of meters tall. So this is a sight you can only enjoy from this distance.”


Paulo explained to them lazily.


“Not only that, but there are also hundreds of small caves. Look, to the left.”


They looked to the left where there was a lake around the mountain. A river ran from it and spread to the farm lands.


“Unfortunately, there are no sea fish here. But the water flows out from some of the caves and collects here as this lake. The water is very clean, and the fish that live in it are delicious. Also, there is enough farmland here for the people to live independently.”


Then he coughed loudly.


“While I’ve never heard anything about it being connected to the sea, you two better keep your distance.”

“But what about during the day…”




It could not be helped. Paulo continued, as if to try and dispel the awkward air.


“The dungeon is in the center of the mountain. It apparently branches out into many paths and is very difficult to navigate. No one has ever reached or even knows where the deepest level is.”


“There is a large town right in front of the dungeon’s gate. And behind that town is the health resort. That is where we will stay tonight.”


Gromble was split into two like a gourd. The smaller part was the health resort.


Two Saints wander off into a Different World

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