Two Saints – 82


“Ah, that food over there looks interesting.”

“Wait a minute, Chihaaru.”

“Edwy, watch your mouth!”

“Ah, wait! Chouze!”

“Just a little!”


Chiharu and Edwy went running off. In the meantime…


“Mister! Please give me 4 of those small things.”

“Aye, coming right up. Are you old enough to drink, boy?”

“It’s for my older brother. See, over there.”

“Ah, that handsome man.”


Edwy stuck out after all. Oh, well. In her heart, Maki was shaking her head.


“Also, what’s this?”

“You don’t know? It’s a kind of dried meat that is made by stretching out the meat and seasoning it.”

“Alright, I’ll take these too.”

“Thank you.”


The man was quite happy that this merchant child was buying a lot.


“This is our first time traveling inland with our older brother. Have you ever been there?”

“Have I? Of course, it’s just right over there. In fact, they have much the same traditions as us. So don’t worry about that.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Now that I think of it, we haven’t gotten any fish from inland recently.”

“Fish? We’re going to the mirror lake in order to sell some Soluna oranges.”

“Soluna oranges? Would you sell some of them to me too? My wife just loves them.”

“I can bring a little bit if you like.”

“Thank you. Still, we’ve never been unable to get fish before. There must be some serious shortages. If there are no fish, you might have trouble selling your oranges as well.”

“If that happens, we’ll go to a different town.”

“That’s a good idea.”

“Okay, I’ll bring you some oranges then.”

“Thank you!”


Maki hurriedly put the food into her bag and then ran to the others, who were walking towards her.


She delivered the oranges, and then they had dinner. Hot water was brought to their room so they were able to freshen up before bed.


“It’s too bad that these disguises mean we can’t drink out in the open.”


Chiharu muttered. She was not happy that only Aaron and Edwy were allowed to have ale with their dinner.


“We had to drink water. Water! Though, it was good water.”


It was cold water drawn from a well. It was the best thing to have in the summer.


“I knew you’d say that, Chiharu. So here!”


Maki said as she took out two small, pretty bottles from her bag.




Chiharu gulped.


“Is it what I think it is?”

“Yes, it is.”


Chiharu’s eyes shone.


“You’re so cool, Maki-chan!”

“Yes, and?”

“You’re so pretty.”



Maki looked over her should with a hand on her hip. And then she brushed her hair out of her face with her other hand.


“It comes with some dried meat as well.”

“Maki-chan! You’re the best!”

“Well, save the rest.”


And so they both sat down. Chiharu took out some sweet snacks from her bag and added them to the pile. Then they clinked their bottles together. Just then…


“Hey, you two…huh?”


“No, Maki-chan, you’re supposed to scream.”


Chiharu joked. Apparently, they had forgotten to lock the door.

The person who had come in without knocking was Aaron.

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