Jack of all Trades – 263

Reunion in the Imperial Capital


The Vellefrost Adventurers Guild Headquarters was intimidating and crowded as ever. In most places, Adventurers went in the morning in order to find work on the quest board. But in the capital, it was constantly updated, and so there were always people there to check it.

We made our way through the crowds until we reached the counters. Our destination was ‘Questions & Other.’


“It’s so busy today.”

“I dislike waiting in lines.”


Daniela said with annoyance, but we had to line up if we wanted help. We had no choice.


As for me, I didn’t even think our line was that long. And so I stood at the back and counted the stains on the ceiling as we waited. Unfortunately, they actually cleaned the place, and there were not many stains to count.


  □   □   □   □


It was what, ten minutes? I barely felt a thing, but Daniela looked like she was tired already. Maybe it was because we had just had lunch. …No, that’s not it. Her stomach had the vastness of space itself.


“Hello. How can I help you?”

“Hello. We’d like to know where we can find a store that sells potions. Specifically, the kind to help us on our journey.”

“Certainly. Let me find you a map.”


They must have been used to these kinds of questions. The guild worker quickly produced such a map and began writing directions on it. Just an easy line. Smart…


“This store here. They have a wide selection of potions.”

“Thank you. This will really help us.”

“My pleasure. Please be careful.”


I accepted the map and thanked the guild worker before leaving. The person behind me immediately stepped forward, and things continued like clock-work.


My eyes dropped to the map. Hmm. It was a little far from the guild. And the route was rather winding. Still, we shouldn’t get lost.

And so we left the guild and started walking. We had a map. It would be easy.


Daniela even took out some meat skewers out of her bracelet for us to enjoy on our stroll. Walking at this leisurely pace allowed you to see new things about sights you thought were familiar. Shops you barely noticed before suddenly proved to be very interesting. What looked like an empty alley would have children running out of it. Further inspection would show that there was a park on the other side.

After the Imperial Sword Tournament, I had been moaning about how it was becoming difficult to live here. But really…I wouldn’t mind staying longer.


“Over here.”


We turned a corner, just as the map instructed. The street here was rather narrow, and the buildings were all two stories high, which made the sky feel darker.

Of course, we weren’t looking at the sky. Further ahead, there would be an even smaller back alley for us to walk through.


Several people passed us by as we walked. Eventually, we came into a place that felt very different from the other busy streets. It felt refreshing and new.

Perhaps it was the general lack of tourists. This was a place mainly filled with citizens and merchants. It was like when you go to a big city for amusement purposes but make a wrong turn and suddenly end up in a residential district.


“Fresh vegetables!”


Huh, seemed like a good time to buy some… I just couldn’t trust Daniela in this one department.


“Hello. I’d like to buy some vegetables.”

“Ah! Not many youngsters like you care to buy them! But you know, eating only meat at such a young age will turn you into a savage! You need vegetables to help calm your spirit!”


I smiled thinly as he began to sermonize. Then I looked at what he was selling. Of course, they didn’t use chemicals in this world. At most, they would mix red pepper in water and use that. And so the vegetables were all organic and delicious.


I could feel Daniela glaring behind me as I selected a few and paid for them with silver.


“Thank you.”

“Aye! Come back any time!”


That was not likely, but I did hope that business would be good for him.



Isekai ni Kita Boku wa Kiyoubinbode Subaya-sa Tayorina Tabi o Suru Jack of all Trades

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